Vince McMahon Took Shots At CM Punk On SmackDown Live

Vince McMahon addressed Kevin Owens' story line threats to sue him and WWE on SmackDown Live this week, but was it more than just an act?

It was a segment that will go down in pro wrestling history. A 72-year-old Vince McMahon appeared on SmackDown Live for the first time in four years to confront Kevin Owens. The chairman of the board got more than he bargained for however and suffered a legendary beat down that left him a bloody mess.

Before Owens blew his top and beat up a pensioner, however, there were some stern words exchanged, mainly on the part of McMahon. This all had to happen because Owens threatened to sue Mr. McMahon and WWE following an attack on him from Shane McMahon the week before. Part of McMahon's promo included the boss boasting about the court system being created for people like him, and by the time Owens' case was over, The Prizefighter would be bankrupt.


Obviously, all of this was within the realms of a WWE angle, but the statements McMahon made on Tuesday night had elements of truth to them. On top of that, it felt like Mr. McMahon wasn't just talking to the man that was in the ring with him. McMahon boasted about being involved in a litany of court cases throughout his life, and that he has never lost one of them. Someone WWE currently has tied up in litigation is CM Punk. As correctly pointed out by Daily DDT, Punk and WWE are locked in a legal battle over comments made about Dr. Christopher Amann. The case is costing Punk a lot of money and McMahon's speech on SmackDown Live felt like a tip of the cap to that fact.



After CM Punk's WWE contract came to an end, the two time WWE Champion took to his friend, Colt Cabana's  The Art Of Wrestling podcast to air all of his grievances about his former employers. It was there that the comments were made about Punk's perceived problems with one of WWE's doctors. That is the basis of the many legal issues between Punk and WWE, and also the reason that Cabana has been dragged into the whole ordeal.

This may very well be a case of fans simply reading too much into what is happening on WWE television, as is so often the case. However, it does feel like Vince McMahon saw an opportunity to fire some shots at CM Punk live on television and jumped at the chance. As Vince pointed out he never loses court cases, so Punk would probably be wise to back down before it's too late.

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