Vince McMahon Not a Fan of NXT?

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While there is an on-screen power struggle in WWE involving Vince and Shane McMahon, there may be one behind the scenes as well. As we know, Triple H has spearheaded the NXT brand, which has arguably produced some of the best wrestling on television the past couple of years. Unfortunately, WWE's Chairman is reportedly not very high on the product.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that McMahon only sees the brand as a third touring product. He doesn't see the roster as "stars" that can draw money for his company.

On a related note, a lot of NXT talents would like a spot on the main roster to make more money, but are very happy in NXT, which they feel is a more fun working environment. The Observer noted that NXT talents saw how Tyler Breeze was handled following his main roster debut. They were disgruntled as to how Breeze was built up on NXT Breaking Ground only to be treated like a jobber when he made the move up to the main roster.

Vince may not be a fan of NXT, but a boatload of fans think otherwise.

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