Vince McMahon Pitches Idea for Major Superstar to Appear at WrestleMania

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According to ProWrestlingSheet.com: six-time World Champion, Batista was backstage in Orlando for the Royal Rumble event and took time to not only enjoy the action but to meet with Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon then pitched an idea which would see "The Animal" appear at WrestleMania in a special appearance, non-wrestling capacity; an offer which was reportedly shot down by Batista.

Despite his initial rejection, talks have not soured and the door has been left open by both sides. Should WWE Creative come up with something suitable for Batista at the event, then "The Animal" just may appear this April.

Batista was last involved with WrestleMania two years ago in New Orleans when Randy Orton placed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line against both Batista and Daniel Bryan.

Following the event, Batista would once again join forces with his WrestleMania adversary, Randy Orton and - along with Triple H - reform a triplet version on Evolution sans Ric Flair.

The Evolution storyline would conclude with The Shield besting the group and Batista effectively "quitting" WWE on an episode on Monday Night Raw. With a cocky wave, Batista left the ring and vanished from the WWE Universe.

While WrestleMania is sure to bring out many big names from the past such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock, would fans be interesting in seeing Batista at the grand event?

Considering his last run with WWE was unfavourable, Batista may not be interested in returning to another chorus of boos from the audience. While a pop is possible, the love for Batista has dwindled among fans.

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