Vince McMahon Really High On SmackDown Star - Title Push Coming

via skysports.com

People are still talking about the finish of the Brock Lesnar v. Randy Orton match at SummerSlam - many of whom are complaining about protecting wrestler's safety. However, you may have noticed that one person who hasn't said anything about it is Orton himself. And Vince McMahon is very appreciative of that.

You see, it was McMahon himself who booked that ending and he did it in order to not hurt The Viper's momentum (which he felt would have happened had Orton been pinned or forced to submit to The Beast Incarnate).

RingSideNews.com is reporting that McMahon is very high on Orton right now given how he went along with the spot without complaining before or after.

There have been reports saying that both John Cena and Dean Ambrose will be taking some time off of WWE programming for most of the rest of this year - which opens up the SmackDown door for a Randy Orton, who is expected to feud with AJ Styles following "No Mercy" - where it is assumed Styles will emerge as World Champion.

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