Vince McMahon Needs To Resign From WWE To Run The XFL Properly

Vince McMahon decided to bring back the infamous XFL on Thursday, proving that crazy things can indeed still happen away from the White House in 2018. During the press conference, Vince made it well known that unlike before, he would not be front and center for the XFL. Vince has a thing these days about not liking the idea of seeing himself on camera which is why he rarely appears on WWE programming. He mentioned that this press conference may very well be the last you see of him involving the XFL.

McMahon also said that he's not planning to step down as Chairman and CEO of the WWE. This seems to be a terrible idea. Yes, Vince will not be on television as much with XFL. He also said he plans to get people to help run the organization. So this won't be all on Vince, like it was before. Plus, they are starting conservative such as putting the league into place again in January of 2020 which gives them two years to prepare.


Truly, what is the problem is Vince is going to be letting others handle this? He could work with WWE like always and then have something on the side. No issue there, right? Eh, not the case with Vince McMahon. See, Vince has this issue of control. He owns he XFL, so he's going to want to have people help him but still ultimately have control.

This means that his role with the XFL and Alpha Entertainment ultimately will cause problems with his two roles in WWE, which are very high ranking. Vince McMahon stepping away from WWE seems horrific to some, and scary to others. However, this is not as bad as it seems and it makes sense to happen now more than ever before.

Shane McMahon Almost Had The CEO Job, Vince Didn't Give It

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When Linda McMahon stepped down as CEO of WWE, it made sense to make Shane the new CEO. By that time, he was more than qualified for the job. Vince was sitting Chairman of WWE at the time and still the majority owner, so he already had a power role that was pretty big. Shane being CEO would mean less pressure would be on Vince, and Shane could handle operations that would only better WWE.


Vince did not want to give this job to Shane, regardless of what he did to earn it. By this time, Shane had the respect of everyone in the locker room. They marveled at his guts and his willingness to do whatever was asked of him and then some in the ring. In fact, he was the McMahon talent wanted to talk to and hoped would get higher up in the WWE. This meant he had huge support from the locker room on being the new CEO.

Vince declined the opportunity. Shane decided that this was enough, and left WWE completely. He would go start his own company, where he had some minor success. He would come back to the WWE in 2016 to work WrestleMania 32 against The Undertaker. He was only supposed to stay for a few months, but he remains with WWE to this day. He's yet again an executive in WWE, with stock holdings.

Missed Opportunity Should Not Be Missed Again

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Shane McMahon was a Brand Officer years ago, and his role today is relatively minor. But he could easily be put in a high-ranking position that he has earned. Not only from his work before, but his work today and what he did away from WWE. Plus, Shane and Stephanie are the children of Vince McMahon, meaning he trained them and made sure they were qualified to do this well before the time came for them to do it.


Stephanie could become Chairwoman, the first in WWE history and one of the few in the United States. It would get a ton of support within WWE and she would be well-respected in the role. Plus due to her being the public face of WWE's business side these days, she's someone people know well enough to give this role to where stock is not affected by the change.

Shane being made CEO, finally, would be the job he needs and deserves, and likely the job he came back to WWE to get. He has earned the role and continues to prove that to this day. He has only asked for more to do it seems, and the WWE seems part of him again. It's a place he was born to help lead and should have been leading before now.

Vince Cannot Remain In Power For Much Longer

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It's not a wonder he wanted his beautiful daughter to be the major figure for the business side of WWE, as well as his son-in-law. Vince has shown an inconsistency of listening to fans or running a show that fans seem to like. Ratings are dropping more than ever before. While this could be due to cord-cutting and DVR figures not being counted, it still shows that people don't watch live or watch in normal ways.


Numbers for live events are down, and the creative side of WWE is not where it needs to be. Meanwhile, his son-in-law runs a successful show with WWE NXT on a regular basis. Yet those same NXT people are not used as well on the main roster. Why is this? Vince McMahon hurts the product. He's already not doing right for WWE and his last great idea was really the WWE Network which is one of few he's had in years that affected WWE positively in the long-run.

Vince McMahon will be 74 by the time of the XFL starting again. If he were to remain in power of WWE by then, he would stretch himself thin. While he may not care about this, it will affect both products negatively. One product can be run by his family that's more than qualified to do it. So why are we not already giving them the chance to prove this?

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