Vince McMahon Response To Rusev-Lana Storyline Hate, Future Plans

Despite widespread negative backlash to the Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley storyline, Vince McMahon appears to be a fan of the angle and there's lots more coming.

They say no press is bad press. And, while the baby-drama storyline currently going on between Rusev and Lana isn't exactly getting outside media press, these segments are among the most-watched segments on WWE's social media platforms. Because of this, Vince McMahon isn't getting rid of the angle despite seemingly universal distaste for it among the WWE Universe.

In fact, speculation is that Vince is getting a kick out of the storyline and has a ton of ideas for the future of the angle, an angle that could last another few months.

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Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co is reporting that he's spoken with a source inside WWE claiming Vince is merely using the YouTube numbers as reason to prop up his love of the storyline and suggest his fondness for it is shared by fans. And, "as ridiculous as this angle seems, there are many layers that have yet to be revealed."

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This Is Not a Punishment For Rusev

There is some speculation the only way this storyline makes sense is that Rusev is being punished for not signing a new contract. This same source says that is not true and "this angle was never about punishing him so those rumors can be put to rest."

We'd already reported Rusev's comments about him liking the fact this is the hottest storyline going in WWE these days. These sources apparently confirm that report.

Samoa Joe asked the question on WWE Backstage, 'Who gets the rub out of this storyline?' He couldn't figure out who this angle benefits which is why he wasn't a fan of it. Apparently, McMahon feels the negative reaction is just getting more heat on Lashley and that's nothing but a good thing.

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