Vince McMahon Reveals Real Reason Behind Brand Split

The WWE is wrapping up its second-week post brand split and things seem to be getting more exciting. Both Raw and SmackDown have been going toe to toe with one another, to prove which is the superior brand.

Perhaps this has been the best thing the WWE has done since the beginning of the PG era. However, what was the actual reason behind the brand split? For those of you who don't know, last week the WWE has its second quarter 2016 quarterly conference call, reflecting the earnings, brand extension, and interventional investments.

WrestleZone reported that during the call, someone asked Vince McMahon why he brought the brand split back and he responded, "we have a plethora of talent from Paul Levesque's influence on NXT." He went on to elaborate that they have too much talent to "properly exploit," so creating two distinct brands will get the most out of all their talent.

He would polish off the question by stating that it would help business too, with more PPVs, more live events, which in result would create more licensing opportunities for the company.

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