Vince McMahon Sells Some Of His WWE Stock - How Much Do Shane And Stephanie Own?

Yesterday, in an SEC filing, it was announced that Vince McMahon had recently sold some shares of his WWE stock - 2,191,894 shares to be exact - Leaving him with 37,080,747 shares.

He sold the shares, as noted in the SEC filing, for "estate planning purposes for the benefit of Mr. McMahon and certain members of Mr. McMahon's family." The shares were worth $38-$39 million and they represented about 6% of the companies outstanding shares - leaving him with 48.8% of all WWE shares.

Yes, that does leave him with under 50% of the companies shares, but he is still far and a away the majority shareholder of WWE stock.

The above graph was tweeted out by Pro Wrestling business analyst Brandon Howard looking at the division of WWE stock ownership at this time. And as you can see, Stephanie - as you would have probably expected - does own a higher percentage than her brother Shane.

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