Vince McMahon Is Giving Triple H More Power Than Just 205 Live

WWE is giving even more power to Triple H.

Triple H has taken over the reigns as the head of creative for WWE 205 Live, the WWE Network show concerning the cruiserweights. The division at large has been considered less than worthwhile, not due to the talent but due to the creative behind how they are used. Fans have tuned out on the division, despite loving it so much in the Cruiserweight Classic for WWE to bring the division back. The real mistake they made was continuing the trend of no storylines and lack of star-power, which ultimately hurt the product.

Triple H took over and the idea behind this was that a fresh take would help the show get over better with fans, and thus far, we have seen improvement. Vince McMahon handed this show over to Triple H as he does respect what his son-in-law can do with that world. However, Triple H has already been leading the creative direction with WWE NXT. He has been doing this since the start of the show years ago, and it has been universally praised over the years.


Triple H's direction, however, is often changed when a character hits the main roster. This is due to the direction Vince goes with characters upon arrival. Sometimes, NXT gives them a good platform and they blow up on the main roster really quick. Sadly, others fizzle out upon arrival as these changes ultimately make them different from who the fans loved in NXT. So what would happen if Triple H also ran shows on the main roster too, like Raw and SmackDown Live? It looks like we might be finding out soon.

Triple H To Get More Creative Control For Main Roster Shows

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With Alpha Entertainment—a side company for Vince McMahon, running the XFL—McMahon will eventually need help in WWE while he runs his returning football league. While McMahon did claim he will have many good people in charge of the XFL that will allow him to remain in high positions in WWE, he simply cannot do it all successfully. McMahon is not a du man, and knows that he has to do think about this as a time where he can give his family more chances to lead.

It is also not a bad idea considering how fans already feel about Triple H and Stephanie. Many respect Stephanie as a businesswoman and know she has earned every role she has gotten in WWE, as she had to start from the bottom and spend two decades to work up to where she is now.

Meanwhile, fans respect Triple H as he appears to be listening to them and gives them the content they want to see as he controls NXT. He also hires the top talent in the world that fans love, which has made the company better on the wrestling end alone. In fact, Dave Meltzer just gave his first five-star match rating to WWE in 7 years. It was not for a main roster show, but for an NXT one— Johnny Gargano and Andrade "Cien" Almas in their amazing NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia match.

What We Can Expect To See Or Already Have By Triple H

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Gabe Sapolsky was heading up Evolve and formerly Ring of Honor at one point, and is Paul Heyman's most notable pupil. He was also brought from his consultant role and was hired to be part of creative. Many believe both were hired to help with NXT, but it is likely they were hired to be part of this new team run by Triple H.

It is said that despite Triple H having a proven track record for good creative ability that people are worried he may not be able to do well with the job. The Observer reports that the concern comes in as running creative for the main roster fully. Seven hours of TV is much different than running one hour of TV a week geared toward hardcore fans. They feel it would likely be harder, thus he may not do well with it.

While this is true theoretically, the problem overlooked is that hardcore fans are most of the fans WWE has kept as of late. Many casuals are not watching enough or going to the events as often. If the hardcore fans continue to grow, casual fans will eventually learn to respect the new approach, as they'll likely enjoy what the hardcore fans enjoy too. It'll certainly be a wait and see approach either way.


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