Vince McMahon Not Pleased With Fans' Reaction To Bayley

Vince McMahon was not happy about the shock negative reaction Bayley received when she addressed the fans on Raw this week.

Bayley's run on Raw hasn't exactly gone to plan. In NXT, the former Women's Champion was idolized by adults and children alike, yet for some reason that hasn't exactly translated to the main roster. The interest in Bayley from the fans has gradually dwindled over the past few months, and then this past Monday those in the crowd in Toronto chose to turn on her completely.

Bayley was all set to do battle with Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam until those plans were derailed when she suffered a freak shoulder injury. This past Monday, The Huggable One came to the ring to thank fans for the support she had received since being injured but instead was greeted by a chorus of boos. It's something Bayley is not used to, and it clearly knocked her confidence as she began to address those who were booing her.


Corey Graves jumped on the chance to explain to fans at home that they were in "bizarro world". It's a term that many fans are probably familiar with. Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer explained that it's a term Vince McMahon tells his announcers to say when fans aren't reacting the way that he would like them to, and booing Bayley is most definitely an example of that. Raw was in Toronto on Monday which is definitely a 'bizarro world' location for WWE, along with places like Chicago, the UK, and wherever they may be the night after WrestleMania.

Vince wasn't the only one displeased with how Bayley's segment went down on Monday. Bayley herself was visibly quite confused by the reaction she was getting. In the YouTube clip of the segment released by WWE her retort to the audience has actually been edited out, as well as the bizarro world comments from Corey Graves.

When it comes to fan reactions most of the time the consensus is any reaction is better than no reaction. That's why WWE doesn't care when you boo Roman Reigns. Bayley may be the exception to that rule though. There is no one on the roster that is more of a babyface than Bayley, and to have her booed in the way that she was on Monday simply isn't good for WWE. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that she's injured and will be out of the spot light for a while.

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