WWE Rumor: Vince McMahon Upset At Superstar Following Raw Promo

The Revival referred to themselves as professional wrestlers on Raw this week and apparently, Vince McMahon is not happy about it.

Vince McMahon is very particular about what is and isn't shown on WWE television and also about what is and isn't said. The WWE chairman spent a lot of time behind the announce desk early in his career, likely because he is such a control freak when it comes to what his commentators say. To this day, Michael Cole and co will get yelled at down their headsets if they utter something they shouldn't.


There are a litany of words and phrases McMahon doesn't like his employees saying on live television. One of the main ones is the word "wrestling." Despite the word being right there in the name of his company, McMahon doesn't see WWE as a wrestling promotion and rather views it as being in the sports entertainment realm.

With that in mind, it means that in McMahon's eyes his wrestlers are not wrestlers, they are sports entertainers. That's why it came as quite a shock this past Monday on Raw when The Revival said the exact opposite down a live mic following their match. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder ran down a number of the legends that will be appearing on Raw's 25th-anniversary show and labeled themselves professional wrestlers, not sports entertainers.

Considering how much of a no-no that is in WWE it's surprising that McMahon would let the relatively new tag team say it live on air. Well it seems that The Revival may have gone off-script. A fan tweeted Wilder saying "Oh you said a dirty word. Vince will be mad."Wilder replied to the fan with a simple "already is." Oops.


The short but sweet tweet from Wilder could mean one of two things. Either the boss got mad at them as soon as they got backstage on Monday night, or he was already mad at them and that's why The Top Guys decided to utter the words pro wrestling live on Raw. Either way, expect Dash and Dawson to be the recipients of a multitude of classic finishers next week as punishment. They did insult a fair few of the stars they'll be receiving them from after all.

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