Vince McMahon's XFL Reboot Names Take Shots At NFL Protests

Rumors are circulating that Vince McMahon may be looking to take another swing at football with an XFL reboot. However, it may not be as straightforward as that.

Contrary to popular belief Vince McMahon's entire life does not revolve solely around pro wrestling and WWE. The chairman of the board demonstrated this at the turn of the century when he launched the XFL, a football league that ran during the NFL's offseason. The joint venture with NBC didn't pan out so well, however, lasting just one season in 2001.

16 years on from the project that McMahon himself referred to as a 'colossal failure' and there are rumors that he may be giving the football another go with an XFL reboot. A few days ago, Brad Shepard reported on Twitter that an XFL return may be in the works and that an announcement from McMahon could be coming in late January. While WWE confirmed that McMahon is funding a company called Alpha Entertainment who are exploring investment opportunities that include professional football, they did not say anything about an XFL reboot.


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Naturally, since the rumors first emerged more details have gradually leaked out. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter addressed the subject and noted that if it were to happen, McMahon would probably avoid using the XFL name due to the negative connotations that surround it. He also revealed that back in September VKM Ventures, another company owned by McMahon trademarked the term United Football League. The phrase "For The Love Of Football" was also trademarked.

Staying as far away as possible from the name XFL is just good business sense on the part of Vince McMahon. Although it would generate a lot of buzz initially, it would likely hit the same stumbling blocks as it did back in 2001. The United Football League, or UFL, would be an untainted fresh start for McMahon in the football world though. Plus, it appears that he also already has a slogan in mind.


It's great to see that even at the age of 72 Vince McMahon is not simply accepting his lot in life. The XFL is likely something that has weighed on the chairman's mind ever since he was forced to throw in the towel on the venture. A man of McMahon's success is not one who likes to fail, and 16 years on he may be about to rectify one of his biggest ever flops.

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