Vince McMahon's Harsh Opinion Of Samoa Joe Revealed

What took so long for Samoa Joe to arrive in WWE? The answer should not come as a surprise: Vince McMahon. Yes, the Chairman was never sold of Joe and according to Bruce Prichard, a former WWE executive, McMahon viewed Joe as nothing more than a "fat Samoan" who looked "out of shape" and didn't posses the "body type" McMahon desires.

The advent of NXT has provided a place for "indy darlings" to shelter themselves underneath the WWE umbrella but in no way are these wrestlers safe from Hurricane McMahon. Take a look at Sami Zayn and his current standing on Monday Night Raw compared to his time with NXT. Zayn has fallen from the top of the card all the way down to Braun Strowman's feed bucket.

For some reason Vince McMahon was sold on Kevin Owens - an "indy darling" wrestler with a noticeable belly of his own - but the same cannot be said for Samoa Joe. Despite McMahon's opinion, Joe is slotted to make his main roster debut in the near future. However, do not expect Joe on the main event scene.


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