Vince Russo Got A Job In Wrestling Again (For One Night)

Vince Russo made his return to the world of wrestling writing on Sunday night as a part of Lucha Libre promotion Aro Lucha.

Vince Russo is one of professional wrestling's most controversial characters. The former WWE, WCW, and TNA writer made a name for himself as one of the lead writers during the Attitude Era and also as a writer/on-screen presence for WCW. More recently though, Russo has been putting his outspoken nature to good use via his podcast, The Brand.

Ruso is never one to shy away from giving his opinion and he does an awful lot of that while comparing today's product to the industry he was a big part of during the late 1990s. WWE often comes under fire on Russo's podcast and he argues that the lack of story and focus on in-ring action instead of entertainment is a direct cause of the gradual drop in ratings for WWE.


Despite his outspoken nature, when it comes to present day pro wrestling, Russo managed to land himself a new job that has seen him return to the business. Newly formed Lucha Libre promotion Aro Lucha held their first show this past Sunday night and Ruso was the scriptwriter for it. Aro Lucha's head of creative Konnan broke the news on Friday afternoon but only mentioned that Russo would be on board for Sunday's show.

The main reason that Russo has currently been brought on for one night only is because that's currently the only Aro Lucha show in the pipeline. Sunday's show took place in Nashville and was filmed as a TV pilot that can likely be pitched to a number of networks. It was a stacked card too featuring the likes of John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, and James Storm. Judging by Russo's reaction to the show on Twitter he had a pretty good time working for the promotion and it sounds like he would jump at the chance to write for them some more.

When it comes to polarizing figures in wrestling there is no one that holds a candle to Vince Russo. No one in the business can split the fans quite like he can. Russo often gets the blame for a lot of the bad storylines and angles that happened during the Attitude Era and is especially criticized for the work he did with WCW after that. Clearly, Konnan sees the worth in him and his writing ability though and for a new promotion, someone with the notability of Vince Russo has to be considered an asset.


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