Vince Russo Shares A Simple Theory For Eric Bischoff's WWE Firing

Eric Bischoff is no longer with WWE, having gotten fired and replaced by Bruce Prichard this week. And Vince Russo must be loving it.

The former WCW boss was informed that the need for his services had expired on Tuesday. And it's been reported that his failure to "assimilate into the corporate structure of the company" and the fact that SmackDown lost over a million viewers in a week contributed to his being let go.

Other reports claim that Bischoff did not know a lot of the wrestlers attached to the SmackDown brand and hardly made efforts to familiarize himself with the ins and outs as it relates to the show.

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If you ask Russo, though, he'll attribute something much simpler: karma.

Russi, who worked with Bischoff at WCW, was a guest on Konnan's "Keepin it 100" podcast this week and relayed his thoughts on the matter.

“Let me make it real simple,” he said. “Karma is a b**ch, bro. These are guys, Bruce Pritchard and Eric Bischoff, to this minute are still burying me on their podcasts. Bro, these guys just lost a million viewers in one week and you’re burying me? Seriously bro?

“Losing a million viewers is unheard of, like unheard of."

It was pointed out that the emergence of All Elite Wrestling might have had something to do with SmackDown's drop in ratings. But Russo refused to see it as a viable excuse.

“AEW is a new company, AEW is a brand new company, WWE is a brand that has been around for five decades bro, and that’s the problem man," he declared. "They still think that they can get over on their brand.”

Konnan would ultimately compare WWE to McDonald's.

“This is my assessment of WWE: They’re McDonald’s, they’re the biggest, they’re not the best," he said.

We'll Have To Pass On The Karma Theory

Bischoff and Russo clearly don't like each other and the latter doesn't seem to be sympathetic in the least bit.

We can't buy the karma story, however. Bischoff simply wasn't up to the task and wasn't kept on. It will be interesting to see how things work out with Prichard.

Source: h/t Sescoops.com

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