Vince Russo Has Filed A Restraining Order Against Jim Cornette

Vince Russo has taken a retraining order out on Jim Cornette in what is the latest bizarre twist in the pair's ongoing rivalry.

On Wednesday of this past week, Jim Cornette revealed via social media that he had been served with a restraining order courtesy of Vince Russo. The order states that Cornette must not only stay away from Vince, but also his wife Ann, his home, and his place of employment. Russo claims that Cornette has been stalking him, and has in fact been doing so as far back as October 1999.

Russo has cited comments made by Cornette on the June 15th edition of his MLW Radio show, The Cornette Experience, as the reason why he believes what Jim is doing to be stalking and harassment. During said episode of the show Cornette claimed that he had a gift for Russo. This also comes off the back of Jim challenging Vince to a fight, as well as trying to get him to agree to a meet up.

PWInsider first reported the news that Cornette had in fact been served with a restraining order by Russo on Wednesday evening after getting wind of the occurrence via Jim's Twitter account. While the idea of Cornette stalking Russo and also them meeting up for a fight seems absolutely ludicrous, their geographical locations wouldn't render it completely beyond the realms of possibility. Jim resides in Louisville, Kentucky which is on the border of Russo's current home state, Indiana.

The continued barbs between the former WWE employees have been ongoing for a while now, and while their dislike of each other stretches back years and years it was a recent occurrence that brought it back to the surface. Jim Cornette has recently rebuilt bridges with WWE and since making good with them has appeared on an episode of WWE Network show Table For Three. On the show he and Eric Bischoff made some rather disparaging remarks about Russo and it's that which has sparked this once dormant mutual dislike back to life. Bischoff and Russo have also been battling via their own personal forms of media since the WWE Network show aired.

Despite the fact a restraining order has now been brought into play, the feuding between Vince Russo and Jim Cornette doesn't look set to die down any time soon. For more details on how the two of them have arrived at this point check out our article on the feud between the two from last week.

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