Vince Russo Wants An Invite To Raw's 25th Anniversary

Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo is not happy that he and his old writing partner Ed Ferrara haven't been invited to Raw's 25th anniversary.

The WWE product that we all watch and (sometimes) enjoy in 2018 is very different from the one that the company beamed out 20 years ago, worlds away in fact. The world and society has changed and even though they are often a step or two behind in that respect, WWE has caught up and the pro wrestling of the Attitude Era simply doesn't have a place in 2018, not in the mainstream anyway.

Take nothing away from that time though, it was great. It was probably the most popular pro wrestling has ever been. One man who had a lot to do with WWE's popularity during the late '90s was Vince Russo. The former WWE writer was behind a fair few of the angles that have us remembering that time in wrestling so fondly. Plus yes he was also the man responsible for some of the more cringeworthy segments back then.


Whether it was great or terrible though, there is no denying that Russo had a hand in WWE's success back then. That's why the host of The Brand has seemingly taken offence at not being invited to Raw's upcoming 25th anniversary show. On Wednesday Russo tweeted that he and Ed Ferrara, his co-writer during the Attitude Era, had been snubbed for the landmark show. He also said that WWE 'can write all the revisionist propaganda' they want.

Although Russo helped with a lot of what was good in WWE back then, nowadays he is a largely disliked figure in pro wrestling due to fans remembering lower points in his career. After leaving WWE, Russo went on to WCW and some of his ideas that made it to television there were less than stellar. His outspoken nature and dislike of WWE's current product also lend themselves to wrestling fans still not thinking much of him today.


Raw's 25th anniversary is now less than two weeks away and the card is looking extremely stacked already. Stone Cold, D-Generation X, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, and of course the return of The Undertaker. That already impressive guest list may be added to between now and January 22nd so you never know Vince, you may still get that invite.

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Vince Russo Wants An Invite To Raw's 25th Anniversary