Vince Russo, Jim Cornette Feud Reaching WrestleMania-Like Status

Two former wrestling writers, Vince Russo and Jim Cornette, are at it again. Their legitimate real life heat with each other goes way back, but after a recent airing of Table For 3 on the WWE Network, Jim Cornette used the platform (alongside Eric Bischoff) to take some shots at an absent Vince Russo, who was then forced to answer questions in a separate interview regarding his desire to return to the WWE. Russo was not pleased about Cornette's remarks and let it be known.

Russo didn't stop there. After claiming he did not want to work for the WWE again, he did admit to sending two emails to Vince McMahon and offered assistance. His offer was declined, but according to Russo, that was the end of it. Russo believes that McMahon got the WWE into their current ratings slide and wants to get the company out of it.

Once he'd addressed those rumors, Russo turned his attention back to Cornette, who he claimed was lying. He challenged Cornette to an open debate, the proceeds of which would go to charity.

Not long after, Cornette responded, as he often does, with a foul-mouthed, ten-minute insulting rant calling Vince Russo pretty much every name in the book. He took aim at Russo, his family, his wife, his mother and a host of other people with whom Russo associates himself and then countered the invitation to debate with an invitation to fight.

Cornette added:

"But I'm making you a legitimate offer. I swear on my mother's grave if you give me a date, a time and an address. I will meet you there and I will bring five grand in cash as long as the rules are no cops, no guns and no knives. And what happens, happens."

Not wanting Cornette to have the last word, Russo posted a podcast "apologizing", suggesting, in not so many words, he was sorry Cornette was jealous, unsuccessful and out of shape. Mostly, Russo was sorry that Dixie Carter (TNA) and Vince McMahon chose Russo over Cornette when it came to the employment of the two creative talents.

via fightful.com

At this point, the only logical place for these two is on a card like WrestleMania. Even though this hatred between the two is quite real, both are seemingly wise enough to put their feelings aside long enough to make a good amount of money off this feud.

In one corner you have the wrestling purest in Jim Cornette. In the other corner, you have the tabloid shock writer in Russo. It would make for a quite the rivalry and already has. Then again, this is two grown adults acting like children and not many wrestling fans are going to stay interested in this beef for long.

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