Vince Russo Knocks Vince McMahon: "He Forgot How To Make Stars"

Vince Russo has never been one to shy away from criticizing WWE and Vince McMahon in particular. He always seems to have that 'know it all' attitude despite achieving virtually no success in the wrestling business without being under the tutelage of McMahon during the Attitude Era.

Russo said a few weeks ago that Sami Zayn is not and never will be a star and now he's given similar sentiments regarding Kevin Owens, who made his RAW debut this week.

"...this week there was Kevin Owens. A guy who looked like he just came from Gleason’s Gym, where he was training to be a “rassler”. Owens didn’t look like a star, he didn’t smell like a star, as a matter of fact he looked like a guy that could have possibly jumped the guardrail... And, Owens dropping Cena? That did nothing but make the 115th time World Champ look bad."

Russo went on to say that the lack of starpower and impact in recent NXT call-ups like Zayn, Owens and Neville isn't on the performers, but on McMahon:

"Somewhere along the line, shortly after the Attitude Era (what a coincidence), Vince McMahon forgot how to make stars. He forgot how to create them, how to manufacture them, and how to get them over. When you think about it, who has gotten over to SUPER stardom in the last fifteen years? I’m talking household names? In my opinion that list is quite small, as a matter of fact I’d put two people on it—-Kurt Angle and John Cena. OK, I’ll even allow you to put the beloved Daniel Bryan on there if you wish—but his success had NOTHING to do with creative, other than being given the platform to perform."

To read Russo's full post on CSRWrestling, here is the link.

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Vince Russo Knocks Vince McMahon: "He Forgot How To Make Stars"