Vince Russo Roasted For Pete Dunne Criticisms

Vince Russo has been at it again on Twitter, but this time United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne was on hand to shut him down in spectacular fashion.

The main event of NXT this past Wednesday night featured a pretty spectacular match. British stars Tyler Bate and Trent Seven tagged up to take on the makeshift team of United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne and Welshman Mark Andrews. Naturally the match was pretty spectacular and included some spots and moves that almost defied belief.

It's hard to imagine that people wouldn't have enjoyed the match, but one person who definitely did not like what he saw was former WWE writer Vince Russo. Russo replied to a GIF of a hurricanrana into a sit-out powerbomb from the match claiming that suspension of disbelief is gone from wrestling. He also said that's what has driven away casual fans and 'only the marks and the kids remain'.


Pete Dunne, the man who delivered the sit out powerbomb, had something to say to the former writer. Dunne replied to Russo telling him that if he was so worried about suspending disbelief then he wouldn't tweet stuff like that. As 24-year-old pro wrestlers putting ex-writers from bygone eras in their place go, this is about as good as it gets.

The back and forth didn't stop there though, and former wrestler/WWE producer Fit Finlay stepped in and took Dunne's side. The Irishman told the UK Champion not to worry about 'idiots trying to keep themselves relevant and who couldn’t even put a headlock on derail you on your journey'. Stiff words and ones that Russo took offence to. Vince claimed he was just trying to look out for young talent. Finlay agreed with that part but added that you don't do that by insulting them on social media.


Vince Russo is an extremely outspoken person and a Twitter spat like this one is probably only going to fuel his dislike for the business in its current state even more. Russo worked for WWE during a time where storylines were king. Nowadays the action in the ring is the preferred medium of many fans and certain authorities from past eras simply can't get their heads around that.

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Vince Russo Roasted For Pete Dunne Criticisms