Vince Russo says Sami Zayn is NOT a Star

Former WWE writer and WCW killer Vince Russo has shared his thoughts following Sami Zayn's amazing debut on Raw in his hometown of Montreal. And it's not what us fans will like to hear. Russo praised Zayn's wrestling ability but said that Zayn isn't a star. In his debut column for CSRwrestling.com he wrote:

"RAW is a television show and Sami Zayn is NOT a television star—nor—will he be anytime soon. Sami is an exceptional wrestler on a wrestling show, and the only people who care about him are those die hard wrestling fans who are looking for 5-star matches that the massive don’t give a !@#$% about.”

via inquisitr.com

Well, it's hard for Sami Zayn to be a television star when he was just on television ONCE in for his debut match. Stone Cold wasn't a star when he was the Ringmaster. The Rock wasn't a huge star when he was Rocky Maivia. John Cena wasn't a star when he debuted with a bad haircut against Kurt Angle.

Wrestling isn't where it was in the Attitude Era, but to pass judgment on one's star power after one show is pretty ridiculous. Oh, and by the way Russo, Jeff Jarrett isn't a television star, despite what you made us try to believe back in 2000.

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