Vince Russo Writes About How Important Sting Has Been In His Life

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In a recent, and very personal, blog post Vince Russo talks about just how important Sting has been in his life and how the wrestler deserves better in WWE. Here is a lengthy excerpt from the post:

"I had reached a low point at TNA, perhaps the lowest point of my life. After just cutting a scathing promo on Jeff Jarrett–my friend–to TNA boss Dixie Carter over the phone, I sat in silence as I contemplated the words I just spewed. It was at that moment that something I never expected happened. When it comes to God speaking to us, no one can be expected to understand, or even fathom that—unless you experienced it. That day in my office . . . I experienced it.

I went to the following tapings a new man from the inside out. When you are born again, you are so filled with love and joy that you are bursting at the seams to share your story with everyone. Of course, the first one I told was Jeff, after apologizing first, I then explained to him all the events that had occurred. From there, Jeff told Sting, who is the strongest Christian man I have ever met to this day. Sting immediately came looking for me because he wanted to see for himself. To this day, there are still my critics out there who call my Christianity a “work”. . .how sad and unfortunate that is. Thirteen years later and I’m still “working” everybody.

Sting sat down with me and began asking question after question. He wanted to know the details of everything that I had experienced. Once he was done with the inquisition he asked me to go outside with him. In the darkness of the Nashville Fair Ground’s parking lot . . . Sting prayed over me. That moment was one that I will never forget. And, a spiritual bond was born that day that would have a great affect on my life to this very moment.

From there Sting and I became very close. He and Kurt, more, or less, became my top priorities at TNA as I wanted to assure that they were treated with the utmost respect that they had earned over the years. I made sure every week that they were involved in storylines that mattered, because I wanted to assure that they were positioned as the company’s top stars. Sting and I worked on many storylines very closely together. He was a perfectionist, and always wanted to be the best he could be. There was a storyline with Sting, Jim Mitchell and Abyss that was one of the best that TNA had ever produced. I’ll never forget a sit-down with Jim and Sting at a hotel restaurant that was one of the best acted sequences I had ever been a part of. To this day James Mitchell is the most underrated talent in the history of professional wrestling. The fact that he actually lives in Orlando and isn’t employed by TNA is flat comical to say the least. From there, we moved onto the Main Event Mafia, with the idea being to somewhat protect some of the biggest names in the history of the business who were now reaching the twilight years of their careers. There are none better then Booker T., Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Sting and Kurt Angle—NONE. Putting them together as a unit helped take some of the in-ring work load off, as again, story dominated and not what they could do physically at that time.

From there it was “Joker Sting”. The fact that Sting trusted in me and took such a chance with a whole new persona at that point in his career . . . is one of the highest praises that anyone could ever give me. And, Sting, was unbelievable in that role. He embraced it, and did things I never even thought he was capable of. He was no doubt the highlight of the entire promotion at that time. Again, more storyline, more character, less physicality as he grew older. The idea was to lengthen his career . . . not shorten it."

You can read the entire post here.

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