Virgil Comments On Hulk Hogan's Racist Audio Leak

Virtually every wrestler or anybody who ever had an association with Hulk Hogan has been asked for their thoughts on Hogan's racially insensitive comments that leaked last year. Virgil was a colleague of Hogan's for many years. He has now expressed his thoughts on those comments and his current relationship with Hogan.

"I don’t think, to me, I don’t think Hulk said that type of stuff. It could have been a voice over or something like that. I don’t think Hulk would ever say anything like that. It could have been somebody else. You know how people do voice overs of people that are pretty important? They can have your mouth moving and they put the words in to it."

That's quite a reach from Virgil. Hogan has even admitted that he made the comments and apologized for them. Virgil went on to further defend Hogan, saying he never did or said anything around him that could be perceived as racist.

"Never. Never. Never. He was always a really cool guy."

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Virgil Comments On Hulk Hogan's Racist Audio Leak