Wait... Who Does The WWE Want Charlotte To Face At WrestleMania?

Charlotte Flair made her way to the main roster about a year and a half ago, yet she's already recognized by some as one of the best female wrestlers to ever step into a WWE ring. She already has the accomplishments and skills to back it up and she's growing as time goes on. Sasha Banks has helped Charlotte elevate her skill in the very best way, as the two have been battling for most of 2016 and have made history together.

At WrestleMania 33, however, the reported plan is for Sasha Banks to square off against Bayley. The match will be a great one, just as their match at NXT Takeover from a year ago was great. So, with that match reportedly being the plan for the Raw Women's Championship, Charlotte is left to find another program for WrestleMania. If the WWE gets their way, according to WhatCulture, Charlotte will have her hands full with Ronda Rousey!

Rousey has been rumored for a WWE match ever since her WrestleMania 31 appearance alongside The Rock. The match would be huge, considering many recognize Charlotte as the top women's wrestler in the WWE. On the other side of the scale, Rousey is recognized by many as the best women's MMA fighter in the UFC.

Would this be a match you'd like to see? Who would you like to see go over?

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