Was Diamond Dallas Page Originally Planned To Beat Goldberg's Streak?

Diamond Dallas Page was recently on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and shared quite an interesting piece of information. As we know DDP faced Goldberg at Halloween Havoc '98 for the WCW World Title. Goldberg's streak was still intact and many were wondering whether DDP would be the one to end it.

Well, DDP said on the show that Dusty Rhodes, who helped in booking WCW, suggested to Eric Bischoff to make DDP the one to end the streak.

“I never asked Bischoff this question, it was just recently in the last year or two that I heard it before Dusty died. But he said that uh because Goldberg was about to come out on Entertainment Weekly and the T.V. Guide and all that wearing the belt and he didn’t want to confuse the people. To me, if I’m the booker I’m thinking ya beat him, kill that streak and then beat him [DDP] back the next night… let’s see him go at it again tomorrow night.”

We know the rest. Kevin Nash beat Goldberg in cheap finish at Starrcade, only for it to lead to the reformation of the nWo.

Would you have preferred to see DDP end the streak?

You can watch DDP's full appearance on The Tomorrow Show here.

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