Was Ric Flair Notified About The Charlotte/Paige Raw Angle?

Listening to people talking about the Charlotte/Paige Raw angle, one of the biggest questions people had was, "did the Flair family know it was coming and did they get their approval?" And many assumed that, with something that controversial and emotional, that of course they knew about it.

Well, based on the tweet that Charlotte's mom send out afterwards, she didn't know about it. And apparently Ric Flair was also not notified in advance.

On his most recent WOOOOO! Nation podcast, Flair said that he wasn't notified but also said that he is not "cross" with the WWE for doing it. Although he also added:

"Obviously I have an opinion, but I’m afraid to voice it because I don’t want anything to affect Ashley’s career. I know that Hunter and Stephanie and Michael Hayes have her back."

He also discussed his opinion on whether Charlotte went along with is because she didn't want to say "no" to WWE officials:

"That would be my take on it, but that doesn’t mean I’m right. I do know she would never be for rocking the boat right now. She’s in a very unique and a really really great position with them and she’ll be there as long as she wants to be…but I don’t think she feels comfortable saying no to anybody yet."

And how does he feel about Charlotte going along with it?

"In the business, I mean how many people, I’ll pose the question to you, ‘how many people in your company can tell you what to do?’ And you tell them to do something, are you gonna take time to listen to everyone and say listen I don’t have to explain to you why I want you to do it, do it. Is that fair to say? Because you can’t run a successful company and listen to 40 people complain about their individual likes and dislikes. Is that fair? And I would assume with your success and rate of growth with which your company is growing, you got bigger obstacles in your path like recruiting new people…as your company grows you can’t have somebody that’s been there for awhile asking why when or where or how. And that’s no different than in wrestling except in wrestling it might be a little more insensitive but that’s the nature of the beast."



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Was Ric Flair Notified About The Charlotte/Paige Raw Angle?