Was The Roman Reigns Nose Surgery Legit?

After seeing the footage of Byron Saxton handing Roman Reigns, what everyone thinks was, a blood capsule during his beating from Triple H on Raw I think many were pretty sceptical about the legitimacy of Reigns' nose surgery that had been reported the next day. But as it turns out the surgery was legit. Sort of.

Yes, Roman Reigns did have surgery on his nose. But no, it had nothing to do with the beat down he received from HHH. You see, the beating helped build up the Reigns/HHH rivalry but it also set-up nicely with the real-life surgery Reigns needed to fix a pre-existing condition (that's what you call a '2 birds, one stone' scenario).

Here is the update that posted:

"Roman underwent nasal reconstruction surgery, which consisted of a deviated septum that was fixed and realigned," WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Chris Amann told "He also had a turbinate that was also fixed as well as a reduction of a nasal fracture Reigns will continue to undergo observation as he recuperates but a timetable for his return to action has not yet been discussed. After the procedure, Reigns tweeted out the following photos, revealing his post-surgery protective nose guard."

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Was The Roman Reigns Nose Surgery Legit?