Was Triple H Close To Cutting Enzo Amore?

There are few WWE Superstars as entertaining on the mic as Enzo Amore. When their music hits and Enzo and Big Cass walk out, you know you are going to have some fun - and probably more than a few laughs - before the match they are in actually gets started.

However, if it hadn't been for Triple H, NXT - and now WWE - audiences might never have gotten to enjoy Enzo's promos.

In a recent interview with ESPN, HHH had this to say about Amore and how he went against what many people were telling him to do - which was cut Amore:

"There’s been guys that have made it that over the course of a couple of years that were constantly on the cut list... Enzo Amore, when I brought him in, everyone at the tryout was saying, ‘Get rid of this kid!’ I was like, ‘He’s got a huge personality. If he can annoy us all this bad here, imagine what he can do on TV.’ … Every time he’d get his review, they’d be like, ‘I’d cut him.’ Dusty [Rhodes] and I would be like, ‘Keep him.’ Look at him now. …Is he ever going to make you money from an in-ring performer standpoint? Probably not. But he’s money on the mic."

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