Was Tyson Kidd's WWE Contract Renewed?

Tyson Kidd is still out of action over a year after he suffered a devastating neck/spine injury when a Samoa Joe Muscle Buster went wrong. And it was recently being reported that his contract was set to expire soon and there were questions about whether or not it would be renewed. Well, the answer is, it already has. is reporting that Tyson Kidd signed a new WWE deal months ago. Now, they aren't providing any details on the contract, so we don't know what kind of contract it is and if that means that Kidd could actually return to the ring, but it does mean that Kidd is still with the company and they plan to keep him there in some capacity, for the foreseeable future. For all the crap that WWE tends to take, let's applaud them for not casting Kidd out after his terrible injury.

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Was Tyson Kidd's WWE Contract Renewed?