Watch John Cena Bench Press 440 Pounds!

200kg 440lb bench, now do u guys understand how I can keep kicking out at 2? #pressoffthehate #TBT TrueBenchThursday pic.twitter.com/Ya7c8vVYj7

— John Cena (@JohnCena) May 28, 2015

We've already seen John Cena squat 600 pounds this month, and now Cena is showing off more of his super powers. Cena posted a video of himself today bench pressing 440 pounds. Instead of Throwback Thursday, Cena practiced TrueBenchThursday.

The best part of this tweet is easily Cena joking that this is why he kicks out at two, playing on the running internet joke that he kicks out at anything. "Cena kicks out at two" and "Cena wins LOL" are some of the running gags online.

Well Cena, thank you for once again reminding us how weak we all are.

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