Watch Kalisto Get Stuck On The Rope During His Entrance

Kalisto is one of the more popular cruiserweights on 205 Live, though his entrance before his match last night had some issues.

There are an awful lot of talking points coming out of Survivor Series, but did any of you catch Kalisto's amusing slip up during the pre-show?

Sunday night's Survivor Series revolved around Raw vs SmackDown Live. Four champion-versus-champion matches, a couple of traditional Survivor Series showdowns, and also The Shield up against The New Day. The kick-off show was reserved for regular matches though and the main event of those two hours was the Cruiserweight Championship showdown between Kalisto and Enzo Amore.

We saw this match a few times before, which is likely why it was relegated to the pre-show, along with the fact that it didn't feature Superstars from two different shows. It was a match deserving of the kickoff show and Amore managed to successfully defend his title. That will likely bring the curtain down on his rivalry with Kalisto for the time being.


Despite the match being nothing to write home about, there was one moment that got fans talking. During Kalisto's entrance, the former Lucha Dragon performs an impressive leap into the ring with the help of a small trampoline. Well, on Sunday night, that didn't exactly go to plan. Kalisto didn't manage to clear the ropes with his leap and instead landed belly first on the top rope. Credit to him though he managed to recover from it pretty well as you can see.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="759"] Via Reddit[/caption]

Kalisto's gaffe isn't the only moment from Survivor Series that has had fans watching the same brief video clip over and over again. At the end of the night, after the show had gone off the air, Triple H made his way to the back after a beat down by Braun Strowman. The Game managed to stumble into the video wall by the entrance way with such force that it knocked him over.


The jump that Kalisto performs to get into the ring is an impressive one and not something that many Superstars would be able to accomplish. It's pretty incredible that it doesn't go wrong more often. It's a similar situation to his fellow Luchadore Rey Mysterio's 619. Despite it being very difficult to perform, Mysterio almost never makes a mistake when performing the maneuver. It must be a lucha thing.

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Watch Kalisto Get Stuck On The Rope During His Entrance