Watch The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Kick Seth Rollins In The Jewels!

The feud between WWE superstar Seth Rollins and political satirist Jon Stewart hit a new low this past Monday on Raw (no pun intended), when the comedian made his presence felt on WWE's weekly flagship show.

Ever since the current Money In The Bank briefcase holder threw a jab at Stewart and claimed he would do a better job fronting The Daily Show (Stewart has recently resigned from hosting), they've been at each other's throats. Days after Rollins confronted Stewart on his own show, the latter decided to invade Raw and come face to face with the former Shield member.

Stewart found himself in hot water as Rollins was seconds away from attacking him, but was saved from Randy Orton when "The Viper's" music hit. A distracted Rollins then found himself on the receiving end of a groin shot, which was pretty comical to say the least.

You can view the full segment above or race to the 3:30 mark for the groin shot. This feud will likely last until WrestleMania 31, even though Stewart isn't quite the right celebrity figure to connect with the current WWE audience.

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