Watch Triple H Fall & Walk Into Video Screen After Survivor Series

The main event of Sunday night's Survivor Series pay-per-view likely left a lot of fans confused. In fact, even Triple H seemed a little rattled by it all.

This time last week, we didn't even know that Triple H would be a part of Survivor Series. Then Raw happened and The Game took it upon himself to take Jason Jordan's place on Angle's team. Fast forward six days and the 14 time World Champion is the one standing tall alongside Braun Strowman as they wound up being the only survivors in the night's main event.


WWE went down a long and winding road to get to that point though. The King of Kings first turned on his own team captain, Kurt Angle and then took it upon himself to eliminate Shane McMahon. For a while, it looked as if Shane and The Game were going to join forces to try and take out The Monster Among Men. That was not the case of course but nevertheless, Strowman wasn't happy. Strowman warned Triple H to never do anything like that to him again. Then, after WWE's COO attacked him, Strowman repaid him in the way of two running powerslams.

Triple H out for the count is how Survivor Series went off the air, but believe it or not, things got even more convoluted and downright strange once the cameras were off. Stephanie McMahon came to the ring to check on her husband, but a delirious Cerebral Assassin wasn't quite done. Triple H tried to stand up and celebrate for some unknown reason, all the while selling the beat down and ended up falling right back down to the mat.

The weirdest moment was yet to come. Stephanie helped her husband up the entrance way, all the while The Game was still celebrating and had a weird, clueless looking smile on his face. Once at the top of the ramp he turned around and walked right into the video wall next to the exit, a moment caught by a lot of fans and posted straight to social media, before falling over and then stumbling back to the locker room. All of this was a part of Triple H selling the beat down from Strowman of course, but in a very odd fashion.

One thing is for certain, Raw tonight will be fascinating. Triple H made himself a lot of enemies at Survivor Series and you would have to think all of them will want revenge. Angle will want answers and Strowman will probably want to dole out a few more powerslams. All will hopefully be revealed tonight on Raw.


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