5 Ways WWE Dropped The Ball This Week - Nia Jax & Enzo Amore

The WWE is creeping ever-closer to Clash of Champions and not far in the distance is the Royal Rumble. There will be a ton of advancing storylines as the company gears itself up for shows that become key components of the company. The Rumble is WWE's arguably second-most important show of the year and everything WWE does from here on in matters when it comes to the plans that lead into 2018 and eventually WrestleMania 34.

Having said that, WWE screwed up some pretty easy not-to-screw-up ideas. From Dolph Ziggler to Finn Balor, even what the company is doing with Nia Jax is questionable.

Here are 5 Ways WWE Dropped The Ball This Week.

5. Dolph Ziggler Is Back...

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That title might be misleading. The fact that Ziggler is back isn't terrible, it's how WWE brought him back that is a total disaster. He's picked up right where he left off in his feud with Bobby Roode and that makes no sense considering the last we saw of Ziggler was him saying Roode was simply better and Ziggler needs to rethink his career choices.

He doesn't deserve to be in the U.S. Title scene and his feud with Roode was such a mess in the first place it's baffling as to why WWE would choose to go with Round Two.

4. Finn Balor Being Shown No Love

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This whole thing between Finn Balor and the WWE and his not being "over" could be a work, fiction or small rumor gone awry. But if it's not, we saw the first signs of things when his feud with Samoa Joe was seemingly dropped and he was stuck in a lower-card match with Bo Dallas.


Yes, Balor got the win but this is not a good sign that he'll be anywhere near the main event at the Royal Rumble and perhaps the rumors are truer than they are false.


3. Matt Hardy Versus Bray Wyatt

Most everyone loves the fact that Matt Hardy has "woken" and is in full character as the WWE Universe witnessed on Monday. In a great video series that included a back and forth with Bray Wyatt, fans quickly learned the WWE isn't holding back when it comes to allowing Hardy to get zany and whacky with his idea. Vince is rumored to love it.

The downside here is that the company chose Wyatt as Hardy's first real adversary. That almost ensures another big loss for the "Eater of Worlds" who really isn't eating anything these days except a bunch of big-name losses.


2. Nia Jax Crushing on Enzo

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I can't say I hate the idea of Nia Jax and Enzo Amore pairing up and on the surface, it makes sense when you look at it from the perspective of trying to keep Jax away from Asuka and Absolution for a while. But, there is a lot that could go wrong here.

Whenever you take a monster (Nia would fall into that category for the female roster) and make them a comedy routine, it's the kiss of death. Great Khali, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov, even Rusev and others to a degree haven't recovered. This also could be bad for Enzo if Jax is made out to look like his protector. He doesn't have much credibility as it is, this would kill all of it.

Short term this could be humorous. Long term, it could be disastrous.

1. McMahon Heel Turn

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Why the WWE wants to turn Shane McMahon heel is puzzling. Yet, that's what it appears the company is leaning towards with its latest storylines. McMahon appears to have it out for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and the way their Clash of Champions match is unfolding, it could mean a swerve and McMahon becoming a "bad guy."

There a ton of issues with this idea. First, can Shane even pull it off? The one thing fans like about Shane is his willingness to take risks. They like to cheer that. He's not the strongest mic worker and to be a good heel, that's important. Plus, what do fans do when he tries to tackle another death-defying feat? So too, does Owens and Zayn getting robbed by McMahon make them babyfaces? How does that work for anyone?


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