5 Ways WWE Will Ruin WarGames

The WWE is bringing back WarGames. The gimmick match that was made famous by WCW was announced by NXT's William Regal as a match that will take place at the next big NXT TakeOver pay-per-view in Houston, Texas. It's an often barbaric but entertaining contest that features two rings, two cages, and multiple teams.

But, can the WWE do this match justice? The company has been known to take other gimmicks not created and developed in the WWE and run them into the ground. The Great American Bash was turned into The Bash and then disappeared. WWE brought in the nWo and ran their popular name through the mud. Former WCW stars were often treated like second-rate citizens and buried before giving them a fair chance, and don't even get us started on their ECW revival. What makes us think that WWE knows what to do with WarGames?

Here are five ways WWE could ruin one of the most iconic matches in WCW history.

5. Not Respect WCW or Dusty Rhodes

This idea was a WCW and Dusty Rhodes creation. If the WWE chooses not to acknowledge that, it would feel very much like a lack of disrespect for a company and wrestler/booker who changed the face of wrestling in many ways. The match itself was home to some of the most iconic teams and groups— like the Four Horseman—and they made it famous.

This is a chance for WWE to show respect to those who paved the way before NXT, and The company should not ignore these accomplishments.

4. Triple Threat Match

It's not typical that more than two teams are part of the match. In this case, it will be a Triple Threat match between SAnitY, Undisputed Era and Roderick Strong with the Authors of Pain. How will they choose to have each opponent enter the match? Typically the coin flip determines who starts. How does that work with three teams?

Will it be one member at a time from who knows which team? Will it be two members at once? Will they even enter the contestants in intervals?


3. Uncertain Format

As a PG product, the WWE doesn't really condone blood and it no longer promotes incredible violence. The WarGames stipulation has two cages and all sorts of opportunities to open up your opponent using the cage as a weapon. What's the point of having a cage if it doesn't inflict damage?

The PG-era of WWE will remove most opportunities for that sort of violence to occur. If the WWE doesn't let the NXT roster really go all out and find some really cool ways to get in some unbelievable spots, it could be all for nothing.

We also don't know how the WWE plans to use the two-ring concept. Will they be beside each other? On top of each other? In two different places in the arena? There is a ton of opportunity to screw this up.

2. No Turns

One of the things that became a staple of the WarGames matches were heel turns or unexpected events. What if the WWE chooses not to use this opportunity to do anything different or creative and simply has three teams wrestling inside two cages?

Sure, the match will be cool, but why not use this moment to introduce someone new? Why not have someone turn or double-cross someone else?

1. One Night Only

The rumor is, this is a one-time deal. The match is being brought back for one night only and is coming to NXT and not the main roster. That might not sit well with hardcore WWE mains who would have loved to see the match at a bigger show than what NXT can provide.

If the company successfully pulls this off and it becomes a match of the year type happening, it would be a shame not to see it happen again.

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