5 Ways WWE Will Screw Up Clash Of Champions

Clash of Champions will be coming live to the WWE Universe on the WWE Network this Sunday. A SmackDown Live exclusive pay-per-view, there are some pretty substantial matches lined up for the show but a few that are a bit underwhelming.

The final pay-per-view of 2017, Clash of Champions leads into the Royal Rumble which is the start of the road to WrestleMania. That means, while it's not considered a huge event, it's not irrelevant either. Could the WWE surprise fans and offer up an explosive event? Or, will it be a lackluster affair phoned in by the writing staff saving all the good matches for the Royal Rumble?

Here are 5 Ways WWE Will Screw Up Clash Of Champions.

5. WWE Will Consider Giving the Title Back To Jinder Mahal

It's probably enough to suggest the WWE has toyed with the idea of giving the WWE Championship back to Jinder Mahal but if they actually do so, it would be the biggest mistake of 2017. Thankfully, that idea seems unlikely at best.

Mahal doesn't need to win the title to be leap years ahead of where he was in the WWE this time last year. He's already proven that he can be a main event player (how much so is still up for debate) and that he's not in the same class as guys like Heath Slater, Axel and Dallas or other enhancement talents. The WWE doesn't need to mess with a legit champ in AJ Styles to prove a point. Give Styles the decisive win and let him roll into WrestleMania 34 with a marquee opponent.


4. No Tag Team Title Change


Some people will argue the WWE has moved the tag belts around far too often. There is some merit to that argument. Others will suggest that the Usos are the only legit tag team on the blue brand (New Day a close second). With that in mind, a Fatal 4-Way is the ideal place to take the titles off the Uso's, make another tag team and not hurt Jimmy and Jey's credibility in any way.

This is perfect opportunity to give Rusev and Aiden English the rub or have Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin upset the champs. They can be a made team in one night. But, the WWE will probably keep the titles on the Usos or give it to New Day and neither team needs that.



3. Not Turning Bobby Roode Heel


While you'll see us begging that two other SmackDown Live talents are not turned heel, we're also crossing our fingers that this is the show WWE wises up and makes Bobby Roode the character he was always supposed to be since being called up to the main roster.

Roode as a babyface is just twisted and wrong on so many levels. His character is top notch when a heel and this is a good chance to have him turn, steal the U.S. Title and become "The Glorious" Roode we're all wanting. WWE probably won't though and instead, Ziggler will have some major role to play even though he shouldn't be in the match at all.

2. Turn Shane McMahon Heel


The trick question is, how do Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn walk from the match against Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura as victors and keep their jobs? The most likely answer is that they get help. The storyline seems to suggest Daniel Bryan, but what if help came from Shane McMahon?

It would be a real swerve to find out McMahon was helping Owens and Zayn all along and it would allow for an easy way to set up their victory (seeing as Shane is the referee). But how would the WWE explain it? Also, what does a heel Shane McMahon look like?

1. Turn Daniel Bryan Heel


The only idea worse than a heel Shane McMahon is a heel Daniel Bryan. The WWE Universe simply won't allow for it. Imagine Bryan, Owens and Zayn on the same side and hoping the fans boo. It would never happen as every one of them has a huge underground and independent following that makes them too likeable.

The storyline is being set up in such a way that Bryan is going to help Owens and Zayn keep their jobs (so as not to lose them to Raw) but WWE could very easily screw this idea up.

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