The WWE had a huge week this past week. From their Raw 25 show to a couple of broadcasts leading into a very large pay-per-view, the company was poised to give fans some unbelievable television and in many ways, they failed miserably.

Granted, it was going to be hard to live up to the expectations set by the hype that was the 25 years of Raw on cable television. With so many names returning and so little time to fit them all in, fans were bound to complain. But, how much the WWE let down the WWE Universe when it came to this show was an entirely different story.

Between Raw 25, the final SmackDown Live before the Rumble and the rest of the rumors this week, here are the five ways WWE screwed up.

Enzo Amore Timing

enzo amore

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It was a matter of time before Enzo Amore got canned for his antics. He was rubbing too many people the wrong way, had a terrible attitude and didn’t respect the business that was making him a star. That WWE held onto him this long was a mistake.

It took something like the accusation of a rape charge to finally show the company that Enzo was not worth the investment. He was a liability and even if it proves he’s not guilty, he’s not shown he has the right attitude to be the guy WWE can count on.


Raw 25 Concept


If you were looking for a trip down memory lane but didn’t want anything other than fluff, you were happy with the Raw 25 show as about 90¬†percent of the broadcast was a cluster of bad writing, too little time for too many people and sensory overload. For the rest of the WWE Universe, the show was not at all what fans had expected and turned out to be a huge letdown.

There was little flow, matches were short and wasted and the appearances didn’t hit home in many cases like they should have. The concept was flawed and the worst part is, the ratings were so good, WWE won’t have learned anything from this.

Two Venues


The biggest problem with the Raw Anniversary was that the show tried to run out of two buildings at the same time. As action (or lack thereof) was happening in the Manhattan Center, the Barclay’s Center waited patiently and saw very few legends. When WWE Legends showed up at the Manhattan Center, there was very little action.

It was a good idea on paper, but the delivery didn’t work and to the point, it threw off talents who were trying to perform. The Undertaker struggled with a very important promo and rumors are, it was due to the smaller venue.


Hardy Loss


Mistake number one was having Matt Hardy wrestle Bray Wyatt unadvertised on a show that was never going to care about their match when some-30 former WWE Superstars were making a return. Mistake number two was having him lose cleanly in a matter of minutes.

What does this do for the “Woken” character? Is he to be considered a real threat to Bray Wyatt? The idea that the WWE had been building to a showdown with these two only to throw it onto a packed show that didn’t need it was just a poor idea.

The Undertaker Promo

It was earlier mentioned that the smaller venue may have messed up the Undertaker’s promo but that’s really just cover for the real issue, which was that the entire promo itself felt like a waste of time. The Undertaker didn’t announce his retirement, he didn’t challenge someone to a match, and he didn’t announce his entry into the Royal Rumble. Fans have no idea what to expect from “The Deadman” and that’s a shame.

Most fans would probably tell you that if they were excited for his return, it was to see what his next steps would be. No one knows now.


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