5 Ways Superstars Can Cheat WWE’s Wellness Policy

In 1987, the WWE began a policy of testing for steroids. At first, the testing was done in-house, but after Vince McMahon’s steroid trial of 1991, the testing was moved outside the organization to independent testing. However, that is not the WWE Wellness Policy that rules the promotion today.

No, that testing policy was ended in 1996, and for 10 years there was no policy in place and stars used plenty of steroids and other substances. Then in February of 2006, the sudden death of Superstar Eddie Guerrero put into motion the creation of the new Talent Wellness Program that we have today. There have been some changes made since then, but we will get to that at number three on this list.

Now, when it comes to sports and sports entertainment, athletes will often try to game the system to get an advantage. But with the Wellness Policy in place, getting caught can lead to a suspension or worse. So here are 5 ways that a WWE superstar can cheat the Wellness Policy.

5. Be A Part Time Performer

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Let's call this the Brock Lesnar Rule because it is the reason that Lesnar hasn’t suffered the consequences of WWE’s Wellness Policy.

After his victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 last July, it was revealed that The Beast had failed tests based on samples taken both before and after the fight. However, while he was suspended for a year by the Nevada Athletic Commission, he suffered no repercussions from the WWE because he isn’t a full-time performer for the company.

As a spokesperson for the WWE stated when Lesnar’s test results were made public, “WWE’s talent wellness program does not apply to part-time performers such as Brock Lesnar.” Lesnar only wrestled 19 matches over the previous three years while a full-time superstar would probably wrestle around 200 matches in that same timespan.


4. Have A Rule Made For You

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While we called the last one the "Brock Lesnar Rule," it wasn't actually put in place to aid Lesnar. However, "The Randy Orton Rule" was and it was an actual change made to the Wellness Policy to help Randy Orton.

You see, the Wellness Policy works on a three-strike principle. One violation and you get a 30-day suspension. Your second violation gets you 60 days and your third violation gets you FIRED!

Well, there was a time when Orton had two strikes against him. Now obviously the WWE could not have one of its biggest Superstars, and 13-time champion, getting fired if he were to suffer a third violation.

So in 2013, they implemented the redemption clause into the Wellness Policy which states that a person with two strikes can petition to have one of those strikes removed from their record. All they would have to do is to stay clean and out of any trouble for a year and a half after their second strike.

No, the WWE didn't call it the Randy Orton Rule, but given all the circumstantial evidence around its implementation, it has become known by that name.


3. Get A Doctor's Note

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Back in 2013, the "Randy Orton Rule" wasn't the only change made to the Wellness Policy. Another change, as reported by Cageside Seats at the time, was termed the Therapeutic Use Exception (TUE).

The TUE states that, "for substances banned under the policy if (i) it is needed for a legitimate medical purpose and a prescription for its usage has been obtained from their doctor, (ii) the use of the drug is required for more than 60 days, (iii) the medical need for the prescription and for the prescribed dosage is documented in accordance with standards and practices commonly accepted within the United States medical community; and (iv) the medical need is confirmed by WWE's Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Maroon."

Basically, if you need a banned substance for a legit medical purpose and can get a prescription for said substance from your doctor and can then also get WWE Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Maroon to sign off on it.... then it is all good!

2. Drink 12 Hours And One Minute Before The Show

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It isn't just steroids and performance-enhancing drugs that are part of the Wellness Policy. There are also rules about alcohol discussed. Obviously the WWE doesn't want their wrestlers drunk in the ring and the rule on the books is that talent is not allowed to consume alcohol within 12 hours of a WWE show.

To quote from the policy:

"WWE Talent are expected to be free of the influence of alcohol when performing for WWE. Accordingly, WWE Talent are prohibited from using or consuming alcohol at any time within a twelve hour period prior to any WWE event or WWE scheduled performance."

So if you want to cheat the system and drink before a show just make sure you down your last call 12 hours and 1 minute before showtime!

1. Pass The Test

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All WWE Superstars get random drug tests throughout the year for an average of four tests and a minimum of two (those returning from a violation are tested even more frequently - at least 12 times!).

So, how do you cheat the system? Just pass the tests!

There is a large portion of the WWE universe that are quite sure that current SmackDown Live Champion Jinder Mahal is using steroids. There are also former Superstars like Ryback who have come right out and accused the Modern Day Maharaja of using.

Also, Dave Meltzer, on a past episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, said this:

"My God, Jinder Mahal …Jinder Mahal has changed his physique completely in like a couple of weeks, and he’s got acne all over his back, and, you know, whatever, he is what he is. If this was USADA, he would probably be in trouble."

But Mahal denies that these accusations and posted this on Instagram back in April:

"And of course I’ll get a hundred ‘steroid’ or ‘wellness’ comments …. I’ve been tested multiple times since coming back, and have never once in over six years with WWE had any issues."

We have all seen athletes in all sports who have passed drug tests one day and revealed to be using another day. So Mahal could very well be doping. But whether he is or isn't using steroids, Mahal has been tested and has passed those tests which is all that he needs to do.


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