5 WCW Champions That Are Still Wrestling & 5 That Are Surprisingly Retired

The history of WCW featured many of the biggest names in the industry holding the WCW Championship. Most of the company’s tenure would see only relevant names hold the title to protect the prestige of it until the end when things grew out of control. If we remove Vince Russo’s desire to destroy the credibility of the title, the WCW Championship may have been the most respected title in the industry.

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We will look at the lives of some of the former WCW Champions today. A few names are still active, trying to add more moments to their career. Others have decided to hang it out despite the offers to return likely still coming their way. Both sides will be featured here on the journey to find out what the following beloved names are up to. These are five former WCW Champions still wrestling today along with five that are surprisingly retired.

10 Still Wrestling: Booker T

The status of Booker T is relatively unknown in wrestling since he doesn’t wrestle for WWE. Booker did wrestle earlier this year for his Reality of Wrestling school’s promotion. A recent interview with Steve Austin on his radio show would give more insight into his future.

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Booker told Austin that he doesn’t want to wrestle often, but he is hoping to return for the right match. The young son of Booker never getting to see his father have a big match is the inspiration behind it. Given WWE’s recent history of bringing back legends, Booker may very well be back in the spotlight one more time.

9 Surprisingly Retired: Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page still looks to be in ring shape despite being 63 years old. The appearance at All In back in September 2018 showed Page hitting the Diamond Cutter with zero limitations. Some fans may wonder if he’ll return to the ring given his appearances in AEW so far, but that is unlikely.

DDP has retired from the ring and is completely focused on making his DDP Yoga product an even bigger success. The in-ring career of Page ended over a decade ago with only the rare appearance in a battle royal if WWE calls him. DDP was older during his prime in WCW which erased the chances of a later run.

8 Still Wrestling: Goldberg

The career of Goldberg is still going today despite a few farewells. Goldberg had a successful return to WWE in 2016-2017 that featured him winning the Universal Champion and having a big WrestleMania match against Brock Lesnar.

Another return in 2019 would see a horrible performance against The Undertaker and a redeeming one against Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam. Goldberg did well enough at Summerslam to leave the door open for a potential return. The fact that his matches mostly run for 5 minutes or less likely makes it easier for more matches.

7 Surprisingly Retired: Jeff Jarrett

WWE hiring Jeff Jarrett essentially forced his retirement since he joined the company as a producer. Jarrett has made a few appearances for the ring in WWE at the Royal Rumble and in a match with Elias. However, that is not the plan moving forward as he now just works backstage helping the talent.

Jarrett was wrestling full-time on the independent circuit before WWE called him to return to the company in a producer role. The career of Jarrett featured many ups and downs, but the WCW Championship wins were the high points of his entire run if it is indeed finished for good.

6 Still Wrestling: The Giant

Big Show started his wrestling career in WCW under the name of The Giant. He won the WCW Championship within a few weeks of his career starting due to his gimmick playing the son of the Andre the Giant for a feud with Hulk Hogan.

The career of Big Show would find more success in WWE as it’s still going today. WWE uses him in a part-time role as a legend. Big Show returns for a few months each year getting involved in a couple of feuds.

5 Surprisingly Retired: Sting

Fans still hold out hope for Sting to return to WWE for another match if the right opponent is there. Sting only had two matches in WWE when joining the company for battles with Triple H and Seth Rollins. The match with Rollins resulted in a bad neck injury that ended Sting’s career.

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Sting joined the WWE Hall of Fame and makes the occasional appearance as he remains under a legend’s contract. Recent interviews have seen Sting state he would only return for a match with The Undertaker, but it is unlikely WWE would clear him to end his retirement.

4 Still Wrestling: David Arquette

The most surprising former WCW Champion that actively wrestles today is David Arquette. WCW utilized Arquette in the ring when he was promoting the wrestling film Ready to Rumble. Vince Russo put the WCW Championship on Arquette to get media attention, but it just destroyed the credibility of the title.

Arquette returned to the wrestling industry in recent years for redemption. The independent wrestling stint of Arquette has been much better than anyone predicted. Arquette has delivered entertaining matches in various styles against opponents like Jerry Lawler, Timothy Thatcher and Nick Gage.

3 Surprisingly Retired: Ron Simmons

Ron Simmons made history becoming the first black WCW Champion when defeating Vader in an emotional moment. The incredible storyline cemented the career of Simmons moving forward. WWE never used him as well, but he had a strong enough run there in the tag division to join the Hall of Fame.

Simmons still looks to be in great shape and could easily get booked on the independent circuit given his name value. This won’t happen as Simmons retired from the ring a few years ago and no longer takes bookings.

2 Still Wrestling: Scott Steiner

The career of Scott Steiner featured him achieving just about everything possible in WCW. Steiner scored the biggest prize in the company towards the end when winning the WCW Championship in 2000. The Big Poppa Pump character made Steiner one of the top heels in the entire industry.

A terrible run in WWE ended Steiner’s chances of becoming a star there. Steiner has continued wrestling and is still taking consistent bookings on the independent circuit. Impact Wrestling brings Steiner in occasionally to have a match or storyline on the show as he’s not retired.

1 Surprisingly Retired: Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash became a big star for WCW when jumping ship from WWE. The contributions to the New World Order helped it take over the wrestling business. Nash won the WCW Championship multiple times to become a legitimate top name in the company.

The success of Nash allowed him to continue wrestling on the independent circuit well past his prime. Nash has stopped taking bookings due to his age and injury history to essentially end his career. The last match of Nash came in the summer of 2018 and it’s unlikely he’ll have another one.

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