10 WCW Events That WWE Could Revive To Combat AEW

As we get near the full-time television debut of All Elite Wrestling on TNT, we are inevitably going to get counter-programming from WWE.  We have seen glimpses of this so far when AEW Fight For The Fallen was airing in an identical time slot as EVOLVE's 10th Anniversary Celebration.  Additionally, it has been said that WWE aired Smackville on the WWE Network on short notice as a test to see if they were able to counter-program effectively if needed.

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Seeing how AEW will be on TNT, it may bring back a lost genre of fans who enjoyed watching Nitro during the Monday Night Wars.  Seeing as WWE owns the rights to WCW's library, they could capitalize on this by bringing back some of the nostalgia some of these lost fans may want to rekindle.  There is already precedent for this as under their own banner, WWE has had events on television such as The Great American Bash and Starrcade. Such aspects of counter-programming could also be on the upswing due to the billion-dollar deal WWE has on the table with FOX. In addition to Smackdown airing on FOX, there have been rumors of other programming airing not only on that channel but FS1 as well. As such, here are 10 WCW Events That WWE Could Revive To Combat AEW.

10 Halloween Havoc

Could this one happen sooner than later? With AEW starting programming on broadcast television on a regular basis in October, maybe a Halloween themed event from WWE is on the way.

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Seeing as there are 5 Wednesdays in October this year and the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view is scheduled for shortly after Halloween, some counter-programming may be in the cards.  WWE currently has nothing scheduled on this date, so this could be on the horizon.

9 Road Wild

Maybe WWE would not be out in full force at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (or maybe they would?).  However, another motorcycle or auto racing themed event might be in play here.  Could WWE run a future event in conjunction with something like the Daytona 500?  After all, AEW aired Fyter Fest from Daytona Beach, Florda as well.

8 Bash At The Beach

While SummerSlam is known as "The Biggest Party Of The Summer," why not keep that theme alive?  Some of the older fans who may be courted by AEW remember the nostalgia of Bash At The Beach. Long-time fans will remember this event was where the New World Order was first formed, aligning Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan.  This was a moment changing the wrestling landscape forever. Perhaps there could be another moment at a WWE incarnation of this event that will get fans talking.

7 Thunder

While SmackDown Live will be celebrating 20 years starting with the inaugural episode on FOX, WCW beat WWE to the punch with a complimentary show to their "A show" WCW Monday Nitro.  WCW first began airing Thunder roughly a year before WWE established SmackDown.

In subsequent years, WCW ended up taping Thunder after Nitro.  With rumors of 205 Live folding into NXT, WWE could really capitalize on some of the nostalgia (there's that word again) and possibly air a Thunder special on FS1 or more likely, on the WWE Network.

6 SuperBrawl

Historically, WCW had SuperBrawl in February to coincide with the NFL's Super Bowl. During halftime of the Super Bowl earlier in 2019, WWE revived Halftime Heat.  For the first time in almost two decades, wrestling fans had an option to turn to if the entertainment provided by the NFL was not sufficient for them.

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If you wanted to turn on your streaming device at halftime, you were treated to a fantastic match between Aleister Black, Ricochet, and Velveteen Dream vs. Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole (BAY BAY).

5 Souled Out


The NWO was a group that transcended wrestling.  So much so they were given their own pay-per-view.  One faction that has been given some comparisons to the NWO is the Undisputed Era.  There has been a precedent for NXT using old WCW ideas and gimmicks, namely the revival of War Games. With Eric Bischoff now in the fold overseeing much of the operations and direction for SmackDown Live, could he use some of his newfound influence to find a way to get this show introduced to the WWE Universe?

4 Uncensored

With AEW arriving on TNT with a TV-14 rating and WWE looking to counter program, Uncensored may very well be on the way as a WWE Network special.  Historically, the concept of the show was to have something with more gimmick matches and have an unsanctioned evening of wrestling. If WWE wanted to test the waters and try a WWE Network special with a TV-14 rating, this may be prime opportunity to air WWE's first TV-14 live programming in quite some time.

3 Nitro

If WWE has any sense, they'll strongly consider looking at the Monday Nitro format. This is the show that started it all between WCW and WWE, bringing to light the Monday Night Wars and giving fans a serious reason to tune in on Monday nights. Now that WWE owns everything, maybe this would be a unique way to stick it to AEW.

2 Slamboree

Slamboree was initially branded as a "Legends Reunion" before settling as a regular pay-per-view event.  Maybe WWE uses this as another WWE Network special involving legends giving interviews, cutting promos, and even competing in the ring.

1 World War 3

Under the current state of the world today the name might need some tweaking,  but there could easily be a place for World War 3 battle royal during one of the shows under the current deal with Saudi Arabia. Shortly after the Royal Rumble in January, WWE aired the Greatest Royal Rumble. The event was main-evented by a 50-man Royal Rumble match.

During the World War 3 pay-per-view, three wrestling rings were arranged side by side and competitors fought in an over the top battle royal.  As stated, the name may need to change but rules could certainly stay the same for this match and would give a new concept for the fans in attendance and at home to sink their teeth into.

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