The 10 Most Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunctions In WCW History

As they say, anything can happen in wrestling, and, even though 90% of the time the shows go off without a hitch, every now and then there are mistakes that the camera picks up and when the shows are live, there is no way of hiding it.

Sometimes it is a botch in the ring or someone saying the wrong thing during a promo, other times it can be much more embarrassing for the athlete involved with wardrobe malfunctions taking place, leaving even the best athletes looking foolish.

With all that in mind, let's take a look back at 10 of the most hilarious wardrobe malfunctions that ever took place during the Monday Night Wars over at WCW.

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10 Ric Flair Bares All

The Nature Boy Ric Flair is famously known for taking his clothes off all the time and going down to just his robe, and there are allegedly tons of hilarious stories about his behavior onboard aircraft's and at hotels.

However, inside the wrestling ring, Flair isn't looking to get his pants down to show the world. However, that is what accidentally happened during one episode of WCW Nitro, as you can see in the image above.

Sean Waltman accidentally pulled Flair's trunks down during an episode and ended up being fired and rehired on the same night by Eric Bischoff because of the incident.

9 Oz

Everyone might know Kevin Nash as one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, especially from his WCW career alongside Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall as the nWo, but he actually portrayed several gimmicks beforehand.

The worst of the bunch was the silver-haired Oz gimmick that was literally based on the character from the Wizard Of Oz movie. It looked absolutely disastrous and made no sense in the wrestling world. The only thing that was worse than the gimmick itself was the ring attire that Nash was forced to wear, with the long green cape, hat and silver hair, this was just a total disaster.

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8 Hogan's Fireball

This wardrobe botch didn't really focus on the clothing but on the actual skin of the wrestler in question, who just so happens to be Hulk Hogan, who ended up burning himself during this particular incident.

The Hulkster wanted to produce a fireball effect which he would have sent into the face of the Ultimate Warrior, however, Hogan botched the entire thing and instead of an impressive visual, a small tiny flame was created.

The malfunction here came when Hogan pulled his hands back and actually ended up just burning his own face, walking away from the match with a bloody eye.

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7 Goldberg Makes A Smash

Another malfunction that a WCW Superstar made that wasn't strictly to do with a wardrobe, but did end up damaging someone involved Goldberg and a car window in a moment that was very nearly very serious.

Goldberg had been booked to punch out a car window in an attempt to find his rival Bret Hart in a moment that was supposed to show his strength and domination to go along with his gimmick.

However, the glass that was supposed to be gimmicked with sugar glass was not fixed and instead had real glass, with Goldberg ending up suffering a nasty cut which caused a major injury.

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6 A Bloody Mistake

During WCW, the company often used Vampiro to drop "blood from the ceiling" onto his opponents in what was a cool spot to look at which certainly made his character stand out from others on the roster.

WCW did this plenty of times, so you would think that it was a spot they had managed to get perfect. However, during one episode of Thunder, the company got this incredibly wrong.

Vampiro was supposed to drop blood onto Kevin Nash, however, he ended up missing by some distance. Instead, the 'blood' missed him by a longshot and ended up splattering over the audience in the front row.

5 Robocop

This one isn't a wardrobe malfunction per se, but it was a heavily panned and hilariously bad segment which was mocked purely because of the wardrobe selection itself, with WCW attempting to capitalize on the movie franchise, Robocop.

WCW was promoting Robocop 2 and had a version —a very poor looking version)—appear at an NWA/WCW event in 1990 where the popular character appeared and helped make a save for Sting, who was attacked and locked in a cage.

Sadly, WCW didn't even learn from this messy situation, as they ended up having a promo in the late 1990s between Rick Steiner and a Chucky doll, which was a dreadful segment, to say the least.

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4 Rock 'n' Roll

Anytime you add props to a wrestling gimmick, it immediately becomes comedic to people who fail to take things seriously. Of course, there is always a risk of things going wrong, which certainly happened to Van Hammer from time to time.

Whether it be a string breaking or a strap snapping, the whole thing was a bust as Van Hammer failed to connect with the audience and became a serious comedy situation for everyone to see.

It was a strange gimmick to create because Mark Hildreth actually had a great look, which could easily have been used for something more productive, had the company chosen to do so.

3 An Ice Cold Debut

Whenever a wrestler is hyped up for a major debut, expectations for them are always high. This was the case for Glacier, who was hyped up massively by the company as a man supposedly trained in deadly martial arts.

Fans were obviously expecting something very different and when Glacier appeared, looking like a Sub-Zero knockoff. The entire situation became hilarious to fans who could no longer take the situation seriously.

The audience found things funny despite the fact that it was meant to be a serious gimmick. However, Glacier has managed to continue wrestling on with the same gimmick into his fifties.

2 A Grizzly Encounter

WCW made some strange decisions during the course of its existence, and this ring entrance from WCW Superbrawl was one of the strangest, with the company sanctioning two live Grizzly Bears to be walked to the ring.

Jake Roberts might have had a snake, but this was taking things to a new level as Big Josh was forced to try and control the two huge animals on his way down to the ring, which made for one of the oddest entrances of all time.

The entrance makes for interesting viewing for anyone who wants to go back and watch as the Bears simply do as they please.

1 A Shocking Entrance

This wasn't just the most hilarious wardrobe malfunction in WCW history, but it is arguably the biggest malfunction in the history of wrestling, as it totally destroyed a gimmick before it could even start.

The Shockmaster, which was a shocking—no pun intended—idea to begin with. But, when his debut ended with him tripping through the wall, landing on the floor, and having his helmet fly off, things quickly became embarrassing.

This was meant to be a big debut with The Shockmaster being a character to fear, yet, when the helmet, which was clearly too big for his head, went flying onto the floor, the illusion was quickly over.

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