5 Ideas WWE Is Stealing From WCW To Try To Save Viewership

It was announced later in September that WWE would be bringing back the Starrcade pay-per-view. Then, on Wednesday, it was announced that another WCW event, WarGames, would be making its way to NXT as part of the NXT Takeover: Houston event.

In year's past, WWE wouldn't have wanted any of WCW old ideas. Even though Vince McMahon now owns everything WCW did, he's been hesitant to promote anything not originated by the WWE, and instead, likes to bury those concepts deep inside the WWE Network. Now that ratings have plummeted and attendance is low, the company is taking a different approach.

The following list is five ideas WWE is stealing from WCW and why.

5. Starrcade

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We already know that Starrcade is coming. An idea created by former wrestling great Dusty Rhodes, Starrcade was the WrestleMania of WCW and often the biggest storylines and hottest angles came to a conclusion at that show.

Because the WWE is producing so many pay-per-views each year, it became clear that some of the events were going to need to provide more ammunition if the company expected fans to pay attention. Starrcade has a reputation for being a strong show and it makes sense that the WWE might think name recognition alone might draw a few extra eyeballs.

4. WarGames

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The reason WWE wants WarGames is more about the concept of the match than it is the about anything "WCW related". WarGames was a gimmick match that often happened at Fall Brawl. Like the Royal Rumble or Survivor Series, it's a concept that will separate the show from any other event.

The idea of some of NXT's talents making the most out of two cages, two rings and the changing emotion of participants entering the fray in different intervals were too much not to try.


3. Cruiserweights

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If you don't consider the Cruiserweight Division a WCW concept, you're in denial. While WWE had Light Heavyweight wrestlers, the Cruiserweights were made famous in WCW and became a major part of the Monday Night Wars.

WWE wanted them for a few reasons. They were interested in holding a unique style tournament on the WWE Network, they wanted to add an original program to the platform (with 205 Live) and it allowed WWE to add a crop of extremely talented wrestlers to be a part of the brand split.

2. Legends/Part-time Contracts

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WWE never used to allow wrestlers to work a part-time schedule. Meanwhile, WCW used to steal WWE talent by offering part-time guaranteed contracts that meant talent got a much lighter schedule and easier travel itinerary. Today, WWE has completely changed their stance.

Goldberg, Sting, Brock Lesnar, and others are just a few of the names WWE has called upon in an effort to improve their ratings and they're paying big bucks for recognized names to help draw viewers. It's ironic the WWE is doing this now that they have little wrestling competition and they refused to do so when things were dreary. They are a different kind of dreary now.


1. Undefeated Streak

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It can't be a coincidence that Asuka went on an incredible undefeated streak right around the same time WWE was using Goldberg as an attraction on a short-term deal. The idea of the undefeated streak is not exclusively WCW, but no company took advantage of the concept like WCW did.

Goldberg went 173-0 before losing. It was an unheard of feat in a time when titles and wrestlers often changed hands. It looked like no one would ever break that streak until Asuka did. Like it did for Goldberg, it became a huge part of her character.

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