5 WCW MVPs and 5 Least Valuable Wrestlers

The list of wrestlers to work for WCW in their entire history features an unbelievable slate of names. WCW tried their best to create a dream roster in the late 90s to their hindrance at times. Quite a few great performers and big names barely even received television time due to the deep roster the company often had. There were many names to each help WCW become a powerhouse in the late 90s and help create the downfall.

Both sides will be examined here along with just how much of an impact they had in the history of the promotion. The MVPs of WCW were the most important wrestlers that allowed them to have great success and create a legacy that exists today. Sadly, the least valuable talents either negatively impacted the company or just didn’t have an impact at all. We will look at the five MVPs in WCW history along with the five least valuable.

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10 MVP: Goldberg

The ascension of Goldberg for WCW gave them a rare homemade star that was on equal footing to the legends. Goldberg made an immediate impact with an undefeated streak lasting over a full year as his star power continued to rise.

WCW witnessed Goldberg become the face of the company in 1998 and he was the main reason that was still a strong year despite things trending downhill in multiple areas. Goldberg helped the great run of WCW continue for another year as a top superstar in company history.

9 Least Valuable: Sid Vicious

WCW signed Sid Vicious in 1999 with the hopes of him thriving in a main event spot. Younger stars like Chris Jericho and Big Show were starting to jump ship to WWE for bigger opportunities. Unfortunately, WCW once again tried to retaliate by adding more former world champions.

Sid had a solid run over the final few years, but he provided little to no value in terms of turning the ship around. WCW continued to sink as Sid was consistently in the main event picture against wrestlers like Goldberg, Sting and Kevin Nash in disappointing feuds.

8 MVP: Hulk Hogan

The signing of Hulk Hogan disappointed in his first few years in WCW as fans were sick and tired of the old act from WWE. Eric Bischoff making the boldest move in WCW history would see Hogan turn heel to join Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as the leader of the New World Order.

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Hogan’s run as the newly heel Hollywood Hogan helped create the shift that made WCW a powerhouse. The next few years would see WCW and the wrestling business find a new level of success in entertainment. Hogan was absolutely an MVP for WCW’s success even with the bad moments that followed it.

7 Least Valuable: Vincent

Vincent’s status in WCW made him one of the least valuable wrestlers in the history of the industry. WCW signed him to tag along with his old ally Ted DiBiase when the latter signed to become a financial backer character of the New World Order.

The formerly named Virgil was signed to become part of the faction as well under the new name of Vincent. Most of the work from Virgil would see him stand in the background during nWo promos while the bigger names talked, or he would take part in the group beat downs in limited action.

6 MVP: Booker T

The WCW career of Booker T showed the best journey one can take to get to the top. Booker worked hard for many years in WCW as part of the tag team division as one half of Harlem Heat and eventually as a rising singles star.

The singles run of Booker would see the fans support him enough to become a world champion. Booker not only found success as a main eventer, but he proved his value in every role possible before getting his opportunity to shine in the biggest way yet.

5 Least Valuable: Ultimate Warrior

WCW signed Ultimate Warrior with the hopes of having another top main event superstar on the loaded roster, but he instead provided no value when joining them. Warrior was added to the roster by Eric Bischoff with the plans of a rematch against Hulk Hogan going back to their WrestleMania 6 classic.

The feud was a disaster with Warrior having none of the mystique or appeal from his WWE days. Warrior’s already limited in-ring work was exposed on the WCW stage and the company decided to part ways with him after the singles loss to Hogan.

4 MVP: Ric Flair

Ric Flair will always be synonymous with the legacy of WCW given all he accomplished there. The days of the transition from the NWA to WCW would see Flair bridge the gap as such a consistent performer. Flair helped make future WCW stars like Sting and Lex Luger by putting them over as strong as possible.

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The in-ring work of Flair led to tremendous matches and the charisma gave us iconic promos that made him a WCW icon. There is zero arguments against Flair having a spot on the Mount Rushmore of WCW when looking at his mark on the company.

3 Least Valuable: Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell spent about a decade in WCW after the company viewed him as a rising star in the early 90s. The look and athleticism of Bagwell each made him the prototype of what promotions looked for in this era of wrestling.

Bagwell, unfortunately, could never break out as his skills did not match the expectations. There were enough positive moments to give Bagwell a nice spot in the mid-card division for most of his fun. However, Buff showed a lack of value by never maturing into the top star WCW badly needed when things were trending downhill.

2 MVP: Sting

The most loyal wrestler in WCW history to hold down a top spot for many years was Sting. WCW referred to Sting as “the Icon” due to how he was perceived by the fan base. Sting broke out as a top star in the late 80s and remained in that position until WCW went out of the business.

Unlike most of his peers, Sting never once was tempted to sign a contract with WWE during the Monday Night Wars as WCW was his home. The incredible feuds with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and others helped provide great moments for WCW that helped make fans fall in love with the product.

1 Least Valuable: Jeff Jarrett

Vince Russo convinced Jeff Jarrett to join WCW when he took over the creative team. Jarrett was a solid mid-carder in WWE after jumping back and forth between promotions a handful of times already. Russo however promised Jarrett the first true main event run of his career to jump ship.

The return of Jarrett featured him instantly slotted against top names like Sting, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Jarrett would have multiple WCW Championship reigns with limited success. It showed just how far WCW had fallen with fans tuning out in droves. Jarrett, unfortunately, proved to have little value as a top star in WCW.

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