What Your 5 Favorite WCW Nitro Girls Look Like Today

Some sports include a little entertainment which is meant to entice their audience with something different to give people's eyes a break from the action. This is why football has cheerleaders, boxing has ring girls, and basketball has dance teams. Traditionally, wrestling is an all-action sport with no offseason and no distractions from the in-ring performances. When WCW debuted Monday Nitro, they added dancers known as the Nitro Girls to take a break from the action. The WCW Nitro Girls are memorable because of their gaudy outfits, dance routines, and some of them even became apart of the WCW wrestling roster. Whatever became of some of these Nitro Girls since Vince McMahon's acquisition of WCW nearly twenty years ago?

5. Kimberly Page


Kimberly Page held numerous roles during her time in WCW. She was the lead for the Nitro Girls and she also served as a manager to Diamond Dallas Page. She also served as a manager to several other wrestlers as well such as Dave Sullivan, Johnny B. Badd, and Brutus Beefcake a.k.a. The Booty Man.

Sometime afterward, Kimberly Page managed Scott Steiner. There was some behind-the-scenes friction with her and Scott Steiner over her character, which led to an altercation between Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner as Diamond Dallas Page revealed in a shoot interview. In a, RF video shoot interview, Kimberly Page said that she quit WCW because of Scott Steiner. Kimberly eventually divorced Diamond Dallas Page amicably in 2004. She is currently a marketer these days and she has remarried since then.



4. Skye

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Skye was a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader who entered the WCW Nitro Girls dance competition search in 1999. She eventually won the contest and wooed fans with her looks. Her legs were perhaps her most noticeable asset and she was soon thrust into the spotlight as a manager. Skye would be repackaged as Miss Hancock and became David Flair's manager.

She would eventually become a part of the WWE during the invasion. Skye used her real name Stacy Kiebler in the WWE and remained with the WWE from 2001 to 2008. She even appeared on DWTS while taking a hiatus in the WWE After leaving the WWE, Kiebler made appearances in several movies and even dated actor George Clooney for two years. She married millionaire Jared Pobre in 2014 and had a daughter named Ava with Pobre in 2014.



3. Storm

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Storm joined the Nitro Girls crew a few years after the debut of the Nitro Girls. The WCW saw more than a dancer in Storm and she would go on to become a manager named Paisley. As Paisley, she managed Prince Iaukea, a.k.a. The Artist Formerly Known as Iaukea. She also managed The "Kwee Wee".

While in the WCW she met her future husband Booker T. They went on to the WWE in 2000 and Storm started using her real name, Sharmell Sullivan. After leaving the WWE, Sharmell is now co-owner along with her husband of Reality of Wrestling.

2. Tygress

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Vanessa Bozman, otherwise known as Tygress, is a New York native who holds a bachelor's degree in accounting. She was a certified public accountant before she decided to become a dancer. She would eventually end up on national television as a Nitro Girl performing in front of millions of viewers.

As with some people in the wrestling business, there is no restriction to just one job position within a company. Tygress would later get into the ring and become a valet and wrestler with a stable known as The Filthy Animals. After she retired in 2001 she got married and is now known as Vanessa Sanchez and she resides in Atlanta, Georgia working in risk management.


1. Whisper

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Whisper lived up to her name when she was a WCW Nitro Girl. Whisper would put a finger to her lips at the end of a dance routine, hence the pen name. Her life as a dancer in WCW would eventually change her life when a certain "boy-toy" from a rival wrestling company attended Monday Nitro one night.

Whisper, a.k.a. Rebecca Curci would soon marry and even become a mother because of this "boy-toy". She married WWE legend Shawn Michaels in 1999 and had a son (Cameron Kade) and a daughter (Cheyenne Michelle) with Shawn Michaels. She now lives on a ranch in San Antonio, Tx, and she is involved with the church. She hunts and fishes with Shawn Michaels and her children, hence the hunting duds that we see Shawn Michaels in these days.


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