5 Former WCW Stars That AEW Needs To Sign (& 5 They Should Avoid)

AEW has already shown it is willing and ready to sign as many top names as possible in the industry, whether they are from Japan, WWE, or the independent scene, and several members of the locker room have been veteran talents.

That means that major names from the past are not off limits to AEW, which has been proven by the fact that two former WCW stars are already under contract in the form of Chris Jericho and Dustin Rhodes.

Whilst AEW doesn't want to go out and sign tons of old timers, adding several major names from wrestlings past is a great way to connect with fans as nostalgia is always something that works in the sport.

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However, signing someone for nostalgia's sake is always a risk, especially when several of the former WCW stars who are still wrestling are over the hill. So, with that in mind, in this list, we rank 5 former WCW names that AEW should try to sign, and five they should avoid at all costs.

10 Needs To Avoid: Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner might get on well with people within AEW, and he is one of the biggest legendary names still working that could be available to sign for the company, but that doesn't mean the promotion should do it.

Steiner has always been a controversial figure. Even though he can still put on a match, it isn't exactly going to live up to the brilliant pace that the rest of the AEW roster is capable of producing.

Signing a former WCW star simply for name's sake feels like a move that AEW should not make. At least for now, Steiner is best left working with the likes of IMPACT Wrestling.

9 Needs To Sign: Booker T

Can you dig it, Sucka?

Booker T has got at least one more big match within him and considering that WWE will never give him that moment, AEW should really be considering bringing in the former World Champion.

Reports stated that he was scheduled to be part of ALL OUT but backed out due to not wanting to be part of a WWE/AEW war. Consequently, it might be difficult to sign Booker, but he has got a lot of value and is a former WCW star who is still in great shape and ready to go.

Not to mention AEW signing Booker T could open up a link with his own promotion, which is well known for producing some great talent and has its own venue.

8 Needs To Avoid: Buff Bagwell

You would think that given his reputation behind the scenes, independent companies would want to steer clear of Buff Bagwell. For some reason, the opposite seems to hold true, with the former WCW star still working frequently.

However, backstage issues have always been a problem for Buff and they were one of the reasons why he never managed to make it in WWE, instead, being released very early into his contract with the company.

The last thing AEW needs right now is any potential backstage drama or having to release someone, as the company wants to stay as positive as possible.

7 Needs To Sign: Jushin Thunder Liger

Even though Jushin Thunder Liger has announced that he will be retiring this year, AEW would be smart to sign him to a one-off deal in a dream match against a top name like Kenny Omega or Cima just for an exhibition bout.

Being able to say that Liger competed, just once, under the AEW banner is something that the company should really want to make happen. Even though it would mean someone misses out on the card, for a legend like Liger it is more than worthwhile.

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AEW could easily build up a random one-off match through the Being The Elite series. While Liger was never a major WCW name, he still did compete for the company, as he has done for most other top companies, with AEW missing from that list.

6 Needs To Avoid: Kevin Sullivan

Even though it has been a couple of years since Kevin Sullivan last worked a major show, when his contract with Ring Of Honor came to an end, the former WCW star has never officially retired from the sport.

Sullivan has mainly worked in tag team matches as an attraction with independent companies being able to stick his name on a poster, but in reality, he hasn't done much work in his matches.

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Whilst he might be useful in a backstage role, AEW doesn't need to stack the deck full of bookers and agents too soon. Therefore, Sullivan wouldn't serve much of a purpose.

5 Needs To Sign: Chavo Guerrero

If you want a wrestler who cannot only still compete at a high level inside of the ring but is also willing to help lend his expertise to the younger talent in the company, then there is no need to look any further that Chavo Guerrero.

Ever since leaving WWE, Chavo has proven he is more than willing to teach younger talent to improve, even playing a major part in training the actresses on the hit Netflix show, GLOW, how to wrestle for the series.

Guerrero is a legendary name that is well respected in wrestling. Having someone like Chavo on your roster is never a bad idea, even if he only wrestles a very limited number of times.

4 Needs To Avoid: Hulk Hogan

Obviously, Hulk Hogan is not going to be wrestling for anybody ever again due to his back issues, but that doesn't mean that AEW cannot bring him in for a spot, in a similar way to Bret Hart's appearance at Double or Nothing.

However, unlike the Hitman, Hulk Hogan is still a very controversial figure in the world of professional wrestling. Many fans hate the Immortal One, who is often booed when making appearances for WWE in recent times.

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Whilst he might be one of the biggest names in wrestling history, he is not somebody that AEW should even consider taking a gamble on, especially when there is no in-ring payoff.

3 Needs To Sign: PCO

Everyone knows that at some stage in the near future, The Villain, Marty Scurll will be joining up with the rest of his friends and signing with AEW, as the only reason he isn't there now is that his contract with ROH was longer than the rest.

However, Scurll has done an excellent job rebranding himself after the Bullet Club, creating his own faction, Villain Enterprises. One of the highlights from that faction has been the return of PCO to the wrestling world.

The former WCW and WWE star has proven he has miles left in his tank yet as he mixes it up with the very best that ROH has to offer, and when AEW signs Scurll, it would be smart business to bring the entire group along with him.

2 Needs To Avoid: Kevin Nash

Given his links to top WWE guys such as Triple H and Shawn Michaels, it is unlikely that AEW would be able to persuade Kevin Nash to sign with them. As he is a name the company could do with avoiding, that is not a bad thing.

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Nash was a top tier talent in WCW and had an incredible career, packed with some amazing moments, but that alone doesn't give a strong enough reason to want to sign someone.

While he can still wrestle, Nash will not give you the same quality as a Jericho or Goldust. Plus, with his poor history as a booker with WCW, he isn't someone AEW can get much use out of aside from Starrcast appearances.

1 Needs To Sign: Goldberg

Arguably the biggest former WCW name still active today, Goldberg isn't just a legend, but he is one of the industry's most notable names.

Not only did Goldberg have a great career in WCW but he also had a very solid WWE run, recently earning a Hall Of Fame induction. Although his match with The Undertaker was a poor one, he certainly has more to give the industry.

Goldberg has made it clear he wants to have one more match to put the 'Taker bout behind him, and why shouldn't that be in AEW? Goldberg has ties with Tony Khan and was heavily teased on Being The Elite, so having a few more history-making matches could be a major moment to help AEW truly compete with WWE.

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