10 Huge WCW Superstars That Were Missing From 2001’s Invasion Angle

The WCW invasion angle should have been the greatest storyline in wrestling history, but for a number of reasons the 2001 invasion never really lived up to the hype, and a large part of that was the sheer number of major names missing from the story.

Mainly due to the fact that some of WCW's top stars were under lengthy contracts that they were happy to let run whilst sitting at home, having not come to terms with the fact they had lost, a lot of the star power was gone immediately.

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Instead of getting tons of dream matches, WWE had to scrape together the best of a bad bunch to try and make the storyline appealing, eventually resorting in bringing ECW into the mix. With that in mind, in this list, we will rank the 1o biggest names that were missing from the storyline.

10 Hulk Hogan

A lot of wrestling fans (wrongly) thought that Hulk Hogan had peaked when he left WWE to join WCW, in what was the biggest move during the entire Monday Night Wars, yet after playing a huge role in WCW's success, Hogan's star power was greater than ever.

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Putting Hogan as a heel in WWE against his old company would have been a unique storyline, potentially seeing some conflict within him about whether he would want to return to Vince McMahon's side, adding some big star power to the situation.

The only reason that the Hulkster doesn't rank slightly higher on this list is that he did return to WWE soon after the angle was over, setting up his WrestleMania match with The Rock, which remains one of the best 'Mania matches ever.

9 Ric Flair

Another WWE legend that was under WCW contract during the time of the Invasion was the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, but due to him having several years of service left on his contract, he was in no rush to get back into the ring.

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While Flair wasn't at his peak during that time, there is no doubt that he could still have played a part in the Invasion, even if it was just as a manager with his promo abilities and history working with both promotions, he could have taken the story to the next level.

With WWE failing to secure any of WCW's major stars, even Ric Flair past his prime would have made a huge difference, but like many on this list, Flair did eventually return to WWE.

8 Mr. Perfect

Whilst a lot of people talk about the obvious names when it comes to who was missing from the WCW Invasion angle, one name that often gets overlooked is Curt Henning, who is best remembered as Mr. Perfect.

Whilst he might not have been at the same level as Hulk Hogan, Perfect was certainly a bigger name than the likes of Chuck Palumbo or Sean O'Haire and is someone who fans could easily have invested in.

With WWE failing to attract the major names, Mr. Perfect would have worked as an ideal candidate to be built into a mega-star by being one of the top stars in the storyline as he was someone WWE could have actually signed.

7 Eric Bischoff

He might now be running WWE's SmackDown Live as the Executive Director, after having a run with WWE on-screen as an authority figure, but Eric Bischoff did not immediately join the company after WCW's purchase.

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It makes sense that Bischoff wouldn't want to work for WWE straight away, after all, he had been the one in charge of WCW leading the battle against WWE, but charging in as the leader of the WCW group really could have helped the storyline, cutting some real passionate promos from the heart.

Even though he isn't a wrestler, Bischoff would have made a massive difference to the Invasion angle because it would have felt much more realistic with him leading things due to his obvious connection to the company.

6 Scott Steiner

When people think of Scott Steiner, a lot of the time fans tend to forget just how good he was towards the end of WCW, with Big Poppa Pump growing as one of the top heels in the company.

WCW had been pushing him steadily in the final year or two of the company, but for some reason, WWE didn't push for him to be part of the Invasion when he could easily have been in the main event picture working as a top heel for WCW.

With Steiner at the front of WCW's Invasion, fans might have sat up and taken a little more notice as he traded blows with WWE's biggest names, continuing WCW's push of him as a big name.

5 Rey Mysterio

Whilst the idea of Rey Mysterio being part of a heel Invasion might seem like something that would never work due to his babyface nature, having a different dynamic and personality would have made things a lot more interesting.

Giving people WCW stars to actually cheer for wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world, as it would be the perfect way of WWE openly admitting that WCW had some great talents, helping to establish them on their own shows.

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Rob Van Dam certainly benefitted from being part of the Invasion angle as he was the only babyface that fans really got behind and that is a role that could have been given to the Master of the 619.

4 Scott Hall

Another major name that would have lifted the entire Invasion angle was Scott Hall, who is someone who decided not to be part of things straight away, returning to WWE just after the WCW Invasion.

A lot of that was down to the fact that Hall was suffering from drink and drug problems at the time which was affecting his reputation and could have been a reason WWE didn't push too hard to make a deal happen.

However, Nash, alongside his nWo brothers could have made a major splash on this storyline, especially if they all joined together.

3 Kevin Nash

While Vince McMahon was likely still frustrated with him over his decision to quit WWE for WCW, the fact is that Kevin Nash could easily have played a big role in the Invasion storyline, adding some real star power to the situation.

Because Nash had been established as a big name in both WWE and WCW, there would be no way of hiding the fact that he was a mega-star and having him collide with some of his former friends and enemies would have added another dynamic to the story.

Unfortunately, Nash was one of the top tier talents who opted to enjoy their WCW contract and sit on the sidelines instead of getting back into the game and helping to create history.

2 Goldberg

Bill Goldberg was one of the final major stars that WCW was able to create organically, becoming one of the biggest names not just in the company but in the entire wrestling industry with his incredible physique and the brilliant streak, he was a mega-star.

WWE desperately needed some mega-stars during the Invasion angle in order to create some dream encounters, with the wrestling world never being given the Steve Austin vs Goldberg match that everyone always wanted to see.

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Goldberg would have been a perfect pick to be the leader of the WCW group, charging around the WWE arenas, tearing people apart building the anticipation, making it feel like there was more a chance of WCW ending up on top.

1 Sting

In the eyes of many wrestling fans, Sting was the face of WCW much like Stone Cold Steve Austin had been for WWE and he was one of the names that many people wanted to see mix it up in a WWE ring.

With dream matches against the likes of The Rock, Austin, and, of course, The Undertaker waiting, it seemed like everything was set to go until The Icon decided to reject WWE and totally refuse to work for the company under any circumstances.

Unlike every other former WCW star, Sting actually remained resilient for an incredible amount of time, however, in 2014 he finally stepped foot inside WWE as he faced Sting at WrestleMania 31. Sadly, that was a little too late as he could really have had an impact on the Invasion angle, especially with his darker character.

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