10 WCW Tag Teams We Forgot About

The tag team division was one of the strongest things about WCW during their run. Duos like the Harlem Heat, Steiner Brothers and Road Warriors delivered impressive matches. The WCW Tag Team Championship was a respected title during the peak years of the company. However, not all the talented teams from WCW’s run get remembered as fondly as the top performers. Quite a few have become forgotten in the history of the company.

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We will look at the tag teams that the average fan either doesn’t remember or never even learned about. These teams brought enough to the table to have a run together, but without the accomplishments to leave a legacy like some of their more memorable peers.

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10 The Jersey Triad

Diamond Dallas Page’s heel turn gave him his own faction with friends Chris Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow in the Jersey Triad. All three wrestlers had their roots in Jersey and shared a bond backstage that made their time together come off well, as a result of their chemistry.

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They dominated the tag team division during their time together in various forms. Bigelow and Kanyon teamed together when Page had a bigger singles feud. The duo of Kanyon and DDP was considered the most successful of the combinations and even continued in WWE. The Jersey Triad themselves, though, are sometimes forgotten.

9 The Great Muta and Vampiro

WCW paired together the Great Muta and Vampiro for their common theme: elaborate face paint. Both wrestlers were in the lower mid-card, which made the team fit well. Vampiro and Muta even had the rap group Insane Clown Posse appear with them at ringside.

The run was solid, but it limited the potential of both wrestlers. WCW did put some of their matches on a “best of” DVD compilation set in hopes of spiking Japan sales, but otherwise, the duo of Muta and Vampiro did not create much of a legacy.

8 American Males

Buff Bagwell was a part of many different tag teams in WCW. The one that stands out most was the American Males, with Scotty Riggs as his partner. WCW saw potential in both wrestlers and wanted them to become a staple of the tag team division moving forward.

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The start of the New World Order would limit the run of the American Males. Bagwell was one of the young stars selected to join the nWo, which led to him turning on Riggs. WCW continued to use Buff in new tag teams, while Riggs struggled to get television time.

7 Public Enemy

Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock found success together in ECW as Public Enemy. Paul Heyman pushed the tag team to represent the hardcore style he wanted to display after taking over the promotion. Public Enemy signed a deal with WCW once Eric Bischoff realized the ECW roster had noteworthy talents.

WCW used Grunge and Rocco as a secondary team, below the upper tier of Harlem Heat and the Steiner Brothers. The run in WCW did see Public Enemy win the WCW Tag Team Championship as the biggest accomplishment of their careers. Unfortunately, it didn’t improve their standing and fans ultimately forgot about them.

6 Kronik

The duo of Bryan Clark and Brian Adams struggled in singles roles in WCW, so it made sense for them to join forces. Both wrestlers were good friends and presented an intimidating presence when teaming together. The team of Kronik became the top duo for WCW in 2000, towards the end of the company’s run.

Many fans already tuned out of WCW due to the program declining, so they missed out on the run of Kronik. Clark and Adams immediately made more of an impact as a team than they did in singles action. WCW even booked Kronik in the main event of Halloween Havoc 2000 against Goldberg.

5 The Hollywood Blondes

Steve Austin and Brian Pillman showed incredible potential when working together as the Hollywood Blondes in the early 90s. Both wrestlers had great skills in singles action, but the team allowed them to finally showcase their talent in WCW.

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Most fans forget about their run together, though, due to WCW not becoming a bigger promotion until the Monday Night Wars. Austin’s career is also rightfully remembered for his singles run in WWE. Nevertheless, the Hollywood Blondes still deserve more recognition as a top tier underrated duo in WCW history.

4 West Texas Rednecks

WCW signing rapper Master P led to a new group forming to oppose him. Rey Mysterio and Konnan represented Master P and the No Limit Soliders. Curt Hennig was not a fan of rap music, nor did he like seeing a celebrity on television, which led to the feud.

The West Texas Rednecks became an official team under the leadership of Hennig. Barry Windham, Kendall Windham and Bobby Duncum Jr. all worked alongside Hennig attacking Master P’s group in the ring and with parody country music songs.

3 Dancing Fools

Two comedic characters with a similar gimmick united to form the Dancing Fools in WCW. Alex Wright once had potential to move up the card, but WCW eventually just used him as a comedy dancing heel. Disco Inferno had the same presentation as a glorified jobber.

The Dancing Fools became a consistent fixture in the WCW tag team division for many months. Inferno and Wright would provide the entertainment with their over-the-top dance routines during their entrance, but they would often get squashed to put over the legitimacy of their opposing teams.

2 Goldberg and Bret Hart

The rare instance of a forgettable team involving two legends featured Goldberg and Bret Hart working together in WCW. Hart and Goldberg surprisingly won the WCW Tag Team Championship when defeating Creative Control. They lost the title a week later to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

This was the storyline of two opponents working together in between their feud. Hart eventually turned heel on Goldberg a few weeks later to form the nWo 2000 faction with Hall, Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. The short reign of Goldberg and Hart as a team would see both men become triple crown champions in WCW.

1 Faces of Fear

The best tag team from WCW to get little love today would probably be Faces of Fear. Jimmy Hart managed the duo of Meng and The Barbarian as a fixture in the tag division for quite a few years. Both wrestlers had reputations for being among the toughest guys in any wrestling locker room.

The Faces of Fear had impressive feuds with the Harlem Heat, Outsiders and many more. One reason they don’t get as much love for their work, looking back, is that they didn't win the WCW Tag Team Championship. Meng and Barbarian still deserve some more appreciation for their great work together, though.

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