10 Worst Storylines In WCW History

WCW had many ups and downs throughout its run as one of the two major wrestling promotions. The great moments featured rating success during the Monday Night Wars with some of the biggest names in the history of the industry. However, there were plenty of negative moments that still haunt the promotion's legacy to this day. WCW was known for having wackier storylines than the WWE and other promotions.

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The various regimes to run the show would see different philosophies define the promotion. All had at least a few stinkers that put some negative light on the company. We will look at the less appreciated memories from WCW that played a role in their eventual demise. Find out just which angles are worth skipping when watching it back on WWE Network. These are the ten worst storylines in WCW history.

10 The Giant As Andre's son

Big Show had a tremendous opportunity to start his career as The Giant after Hulk Hogan discovered him. His first wrestling feud came against Hulk Hogan for the WCW Championship. Unfortunately, the storyline hurt him in the grand scheme of things.

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The Giant was advertised as the son of Andre the Giant looking to get revenge on Hogan. It was an over-the-top storyline that wasn’t needed to make Big Show credible. The Giant looked like a star based on his size and presence. This angle just took away from him and eventually would get dropped altogether.

9 Sid As The Millennium Man

Sycho Sid, aka Sid Justice, had various main event runs in both WWE and WCW. A return to WCW in 1999 would see him receive a huge push as the company was struggling in the rating war and wanted a change. Sid would become a main eventer once again thanks to his push as the Millennium Man.

WCW booked Sid to have an undefeated streak meant to mimic Goldberg’s, with the two eventually colliding. The win total would comically rise every week to unrealistic figures. Sid won the WCW Championship on a few occasions, but the storyline hurt his appeal.

8 The white hummer

WCW loved to create mystery storylines with a big reveal. Hulk Hogan being the mystery man to join the New World Order showed just how great a reveal could be, but not every angle as such worked out. The mysterious white Hummer vehicle became a top story on Nitro.

Kevin Nash and others were targeted by a mystery driver trying to attack them. Randy Savage and Sid were top heels, but they were cleared of the allegations in the storyline. No one was revealed until Eric Bischoff was driving a white Hummer many months later attacking Hulk Hogan. There was no clarification and fans were left disappointed.

7 Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior

The ego of Hulk Hogan would see a few disappointing angles involving him in WCW due to his creative control clause. In 1998, Ultimate Warrior joined WCW at the request of Hogan to revive their rivalry from almost a decade prior in WWE.

The storyline referenced Warrior as the one man that Hogan never defeated. Various segments would see Warrior haunting Hogan’s subconscious in cringeworthy content. Hogan won the match to get his victory and Warrior left shortly after. The awful angle followed by one of the all-time worst matches was all that Warrior did before leaving.

6 David Flair & Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler was a great addition to the WCW roster, as she got over with the fans in the company’s final year. One of the bigger storylines involved her in a love triangle with David Flair and Daffney. To make the angle more convoluted, it was revealed that Keibler was pregnant with David’s child.

The big payoff would see Stacy turn on David to unite with heel Shawn Stasiak. No one really benefited from the storyline, and Keibler was lucky that WWE purchased WCW. Stacy would reach new heights in WWE as one of the faces of the women’s roster on a bigger platform.

5 New Blood vs Millionaires Club

This last-ditch effort from WCW would see the New Blood trying to take over WCW. Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff united to lead the younger wrestlers of the roster against the veterans that held them down. Names like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, and Diamond Dallas Page formed the Millionaires Club to combat them.

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The younger wrestlers playing the heels just defeated the purpose. WCW made a few errors that hurt what could have been a compelling storyline. The angle was dropped within a couple of months due to backstage issues.

4 David Arquette involved in the title picture

David Arquette is a name that will always haunt the legacy of WCW. Vince Russo booked the actor to win the WCW Championship following his role in the movie Ready to Rumble. The hope was that national media coverage would help ratings, but Arquette's presence just hurt the brand's credibility.

WCW would make things worse in the aftermath of Arquette’s title win, as he turned heel to help Jeff Jarrett win the title instead of his former friend Diamond Dallas Page. The entire storyline was disappointing and hurt WCW in a major way.

3 Sting turning heel

1999 was the year things started to spiral out of control for WCW. It led to them taking bigger risks that often ended in disappointment. One of the stranger angles came when Sting turned heel against a face Hulk Hogan despite WCW fans viewing Sting as their hero.

The heel turn featured a lot of cheers from the crowd happy that Sting won the match and got revenge on Hogan for years of torture from the New World Order. Sting’s heel run only lasted a few weeks as he reverted to the face role with little explanation.

2 Scott Hall's drinking

Scott Hall was one of the biggest names in WCW and one of the most important players in the Monday Night Wars. Unfortunately, the personal life of Hall led to issues taking place at the workplace. Hall struggled with his drinking addictions and often had issues like no-showing events.

In 1998, WCW opted to use Hall's real-life issues in a storyline. Hall would pretend to show up drunk during his matches, which just led to awkward television. It just made everyone look bad.

1 NWO 2000

The New World Order was arguably the best storyline in WCW history, but it led to many negative future angles. WCW went back to the well a few times hoping the nWo would bring back ratings and fan interest.

The worst of them came when WCW introduced the nWo 2000, a new version of the group. Bret Hart was the new leader, with the rest of the group consisting of Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, and Scott Steiner. Injuries to Hart and backstage issues with Hall ended the group faster than expected. The nWo 2000 came off as a joke and helped further sink WCW.

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