5 WCW Wrestlers That Have Great Relationships With WWE (& 5 That Have No Love)

The end of WCW featured a mixed history of wrestlers having different relationships with WWE. Once WCW went out of business, WWE was the only other major promotion to have such an appeal for wrestlers to make a comfortable living. There are quite a few wrestlers that developed great relationships with WWE throughout the years. These WCW wrestlers are now part of the WWE family in different ways that gives them ties to the company today.

Others aren’t as lucky due to negative interactions with WWE throughout the years. The wrestlers in question here don’t have positive feelings for WWE or vice versa. We will look at both sides of the story when it comes to WCW wrestlers' relationships with WWE today and they each got to this point. These are five WCW wrestlers to have a good relationship with WWE along with five that have no love for WWE today.

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10 Great relationship: Ric Flair

The friendships with Triple H and Vince McMahon formed for Ric Flair when he joined the company in 2001 months after WCW went out of business. Flair spent over seven years as a full-time talent for WWE as he added another chapter to his legacy at the end.

WWE loves Flair due to his accomplishments in the industry along with his bond to people in the important positions. Flair often gets extra love and appreciation from WWE when the company runs events that honor legends like the Hall of Fame or recent Raw Reunion show.

9 No love: Scott Steiner

The rants of Scott Steiner are strong enough to see that he will likely never have any form of a relationship with WWE again. Steiner held a grudge with the company after his singles run in 2003 flopped. The awful matches with Triple H ended Steiner’s run of relevance and he blamed Triple H for it.

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Steiner still goes out of his way to insult Triple H and Stephanie McMahon claiming they are poor choices to run WWE. The company offered him a legends contract that was turned down and once again publicly used to insult them. Steiner has no relationship with WWE, nor does he want one.

8 Great relationship: Shane Helms

The cruiserweight run of Shane Helms helped make him a champion at the end of WCW. It ensured Helms would get a chance in WWE since they tried to retain all the active WCW champions at the end of the purchase.

Helms found a new gimmick in WWE as The Hurricane to great success in the WWE mid-card. A long absence from WWE ended when Helms joined the company in a producer role at the start of 2019. Helms appeared at Raw Reunion and works with them every week backstage.

7 No love: Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson is most known for his time in WCW as a legendary wrestler and part of the Four Horsemen. The wrestling intelligence of Anderson landed him a producer role in WWE shortly after WCW went out of business and they had their pick of which employees to keep.

Anderson remained employed by WWE for almost sixteen years until his surprising 2019 firing. WWE released Anderson from his position as the producer of a house show match where Alicia Fox allegedly performed while under the influence of alcohol. Anderson getting fired so quickly after such a long run shows the love is not there from WWE.

6 Close relationship: Booker T

The success of Booker T in WWE featured a rare positive story of a former WCW talent coming over after the purchase and thriving. Booker would win the World Championship, have a long run as an in-ring worker and transition into a broadcasting role.

WWE loved the commitment of Booker and kept a close relationship with him throughout the years. Booker is one of only four wrestlers in the company to get inducted into the Hall of Fame twice. The love between both parties even inspired Booker to cancel his Starrcast appearance due to the convention’s ties to WWE’s new rival promotion AEW.

5 No love: Konnan

Konnan has never technically had a true WWE run, but there was one incident that made them dislike him. Following a few tryout dark matches, Konnan received a WWE contract to eventually portray the Max Moon character while still working in Mexico.

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WWE soured on Konnan due to miscommunications and gave the Max Moon character to Paul Diamond and it flopped. Konnan is one of the few wrestlers from WCW to never get another chance with WWE after WCW ended. He rips the company for their booking often on his podcast which likely confirms he’ll never get welcomed for a backstage role of HOF induction.

4 Great relationship: Sting

Sting was one of the rare WCW legends that avoided signing with WWE for many years. The fear of Sting was that WWE would use him poorly and make him look bad like a few other wrestlers endured when they tried to work for WWE. Sting decided to spend the last years of his prime in TNA instead of WWE.

The run finally ended in 2014 when Sting signed a contract to join WWE and have a huge match with Triple H at WrestleMania 31. Sting developed a great relationship with the important people in the company. WWE inducted Sting into the Hall of Fame right after retirement and still works with him as an ambassador.

3 No love: Buff Bagwell

WWE viewed Buff Bagwell as one of the top WCW names they wanted to keep after buying the promotion. Bagwell had the look that WWE found ideal for performers at the time. The first WCW test match to see if the promotion would work on its own was Bagwell vs Booker T.

Fans of WWE at Raw heckled the match between the two WCW stars with no story. Bagwell’s performance was the weaker of the two to put a negative mark to his name. He followed it up with a fight against co-worker Shane Helms and having his mom call in sick for him. WWE fired Buff and never looked back for any future appearances.

2 Great relationship: Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page had a rocky start wrestling for WWE in 2001 as part of the Invasion storyline. A terrible gimmick as the stalker of Undertaker’s wife would see Page get buried by Undertaker, Kane and many other WWE stars.

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The wrestling run of DDP was a bust in WWE, but the aftermath would see him welcomed back into the family. Page’s DDP Yoga program played a huge role in helping turn around the lives of many wrestlers. WWE thanks DDP for his contributions to wrestling with a Hall of Fame induction along with other return appearances.

1 No love: Sycho Sid

Sycho Sid is one of the few snubbed wrestlers from the Monday Night Wars by WWE today. Despite being a rare former WWE Champion and WCW Champion each, Sid is never rumored for the Hall of Fame and rarely is discussed at all in WWE historical pieces.

WWE did reach out to Sid to appear at the recent Raw Reunion show. Sid reportedly canceled a few days in advance like he does with many appearances on the independent circuit. Given WWE already was hesitant to do business with him, Sid no-showing likely puts him on the hate list of the company moving forward.

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