10 WCW Wrestlers Snubbed From The WWE Hall of Fame

The track record of WWE has seen the company do many negative things to damage the legacy of WCW. WWE’s Invasion storyline featured them destroying all WCW wrestlers with relative ease. Many top WCW names eventually joined the company with weak booking preventing them from thriving. Even the documentaries for DVDs and WWE Network special will see WWE typically mock WCW for their worst moments. Another underrated element of the WCW disrespect comes with the Hall of Fame.

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WWE tries to make the Hall of Fame one that represents all of wrestling with talents’ accomplishments in other promotions counting. Some WCW names to have good relationships with WWE like Ric Flair, Sting and Booker T would get inducted with their WCW legacies represented. However, many other deserving names have been overlooked with mediocre WWE talents like The Godfather and Brutus Beefcake getting inducted. We will look at ten great WCW stars have been snubbed from the WWE Hall of Fame.

10 Vader

Vader was one of the most important wrestlers for WCW in the early portion of the 90s before Hulk Hogan and other names jumped over. The success of Vader as the WCW Champion provided compelling storylines with fellow main eventers like Sting and Ric Flair.

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WWE did not find similar success with Vader which unfortunately hurt his legacy. Vader made it known his goal was to get inducted into the Hall of Fame while battling health issues, but he unfortunately passed away before it happened. The well-deserved induction should take place for Vader’s family to celebrate his career with his wrestling family.

9 Konnan

The overall career of Konnan is underrated when looking back at all his accomplishments. Wrestling historian Dave Meltzer has made an argument that Konnan was a bigger draw in Mexico than Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan were in the United States during the 90s.

Konnan deserves a spot in WWE’s Hall of Fame even though he didn’t have a run with the company. WWE inducted luchador Mil Mascaras into the Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in Mexico. Konnan deserves the same respect due to his legendary run in Mexico along with the impressive WCW time.

8 Brian Pillman

The WCW run of Brian Pillman showed incredible potential. Backstage politics would prevent him from moving up the card, but Pillman contributed in any role. The cruiserweight matches against Jushin Liger, the tag team run with Steve Austin and the loose cannon gimmick in the Four Horsemen all provided great moments.

Pillman even achieved success in WWE as part of the Hart Foundation faction. WWE have not inducted the late Pillman into the Hall of Fame, but he is worthy of getting the ultimate honor for the legacy of his career.

7 Dennis Rodman

The celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame is disliked by many fans, but that doesn’t prevent it from being part of the process. Names like Kid Rock, Mr. T and Snoop Dogg have joined the Hall of Fame in recent years, but other celebrities provided more success.

Dennis Rodman was a massive help to WCW getting mainstream success. The NBA star even skipped practice during the NBA Finals due to his appearance on Monday Nitro. His match teaming with Hulk Hogan to face Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone provided successful box office results. Rodman deserves a HOF spot for his WCW work over most others in the celebrity wing.

6 The Great Muta

WWE setting a precedent that they will induct international stars for their contributions to the industry means that The Great Muta should be part of it already. Muta was one the first Japanese performer to find significant success in North America when working for WCW.

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The feud between Muta and Sting was a high point for WCW in the early 90s. Muta’s legendary career in Japan should be enough to warrant the induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, but the WCW stints put him over the top. WWE must induct him at some point in the near future.

5 Lex Luger

Lex Luger was one of the top stars for WCW in different eras of the company. The early 90s would see Luger thrive as a top star thanks to Ric Flair putting him over. Luger was best as a heel during this chapter of his career.

The late 90s would see Luger find more success as a face combatting against the New World Order. Luger’s WCW Championship win over Hulk Hogan was among the most memorable moments in company history. The accomplishments in WCW make Luger worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame induction.

4 Dean Malenko

The cruiserweight division is still one of the most celebrated aspects of the company looking back at the glory days. Dean Malenko was pivotal in creating momentum for the division. The international wrestlers had a great technical wrestler to merge their styles in a way that kept the audience interested.

Malenko never had a main event run, but he inspired many future wrestlers with his style. Given some of the names already in the Hall of Fame, there’s no valid excuse for Malenko not getting inducted yet. The WCW run of Malenko should be honored on the biggest stage for the overall impact.

3 Raven

Raven was another underrated star of the 90s to have an impressive run in WCW. Most would agree ECW was the place where Raven thrived the most and that should also factor into his Hall of Fame argument. However, the time in WCW provided incredible moments and matches.

Raven’s feud with Diamond Dallas Page was arguably the best angle of 1998 for WCW. He even helped Goldberg get to another level when losing the United States Championship to the undefeated face. Raven has done more than enough in the industry to earn a HOF induction.

2 Sid

Sid is one of the few wrestlers to win both the WWE Championship and WCW Championship on multiple occasions, but he rarely gets any love from WWE compared to other legends. The in-ring work of Sid was limited as his glaring weakness. That did not stop him from getting huge pushes and often connecting with the audience.

The WCW run of Sid featured him destroying most of the roster to form his own undefeated streak to oppose Goldberg. WWE rarely references Sid in any form despite bringing back less successful names. Sid’s main event accomplishments for WCW and WWE should get him into the Hall of Fame.

1 The Steiner Brothers

The recent induction of the Harlem Heat into the WWE Hall of Fame showed that they are willing to pay the ultimate respect to the WCW duos. Harlem Heat was referenced as the greatest team in WCW history, but most fans to watch WCW would put them second.

The Steiner Brothers were the faces of the tag team division for most of WCW’s history. Rick and Scott were always involved in relevant feuds as top draws for WCW in the tag division. WWE would even see the Steiner Brothers have a solid run there in the early 90s. Even Scott’s singles success should count enough for WWE to induct both Steiners into the Hall of Fame.

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